I'm going to start creating articles or blog posts and thought it would be fun to have a 'Top 10' series.

So if you're up for it, please help me out with this one by posting some worship leading 'myths' - and yes they can be funny as well as true :-)

I'll pick the best 10 and put them into an article, or blog post so please only share them if you're willing for them to reused and reprinted.

This should be fun!


Update (09/09/09): I've just published the '101 Worship Leader myths' on the new Worship The Rock blog - enjoy!

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Here's one to get us started:

Better Music will mean Better Worship
While this CAN be a myth in some situations, I'd like to suggest that the idea that "Better music DOESN'T mean better worship' can be a much bigger myth (and much more common).

In my experience better music often has meant better worship, but it depends what you mean by 'better music'. The musicians are there to help the congregation to worship, and a big part of that is the musical fundamentals - otherwise why have musicians at all? A few examples of musical fundamentals which help the congregation:-

- giving a clear and accurate lead, so people can follow easily
- being together rhythmically, so the congregation know when to sing
- choosing an appropriate key so e.g. the song isn't too high to sing
- good balance of sound, so congregation can hear the musical framework in which they have to sing
- singing in tune, not flat. Flat singing tends to sour most things, unfortunately.
- playing in a way that reflects the mood of the song, rather than conflicting with it.

These things set the congregation free from confusion, from having to work out what's going on, from the distraction of straining their voices to sing high enough (or the distraction of having to switch octaves), and they can concentrate on worshipping God.

If the leader or band doesn't do such things as these, the congregation will struggle, and their attention will be be divided between worshipping God and trying to work out when to sing, etc. etc. Good music doesn't guarantee good worship, but BAD music almost certainly makes it harder for the congregation to focus on God.

So to this extent, better music certainly means better worship. It frees people to worship.

If by 'better music' you mean super-professional as opposed to simply good and helpful, i.e. a musical level not demanded by the situation or by the size of the church, then that's another matter. I think that in most smaller churches, however, the issue is getting the basics right, and there's not much danger of going beyond that.

But there's an important issue of attitude even in that situation - are we concentrating on getting the music together to help the congregation, or are we focussing on trying to do 'cool' intros/solos, or whatever. Are we serving God, not only in our own worship, but also in serving others by making it easier for them to focus on God? For worship leaders and musician, that's a really important part of our worship, IMHO.
Another point to consider is maybe to make the song easy lyrically. Sometimes too many words in one song can be a bit much on a congregation. On the other hand, the message of the words (however many) is very important. Definitely a balance can be achieved through prayer and consideration of the people and what the theme of the worship service is, etc.
How about "Better music can facilitate better worship..."? And what do you mean by better?
Emotional Hype means genuine intimacy with Jesus
No, but emotional response happens from genuine intimacy with Jesus whether visible or not.
If I don't know the song I can't worship!
Worship is a daily task for a Christian and song and praise with revence is a heart filled joy for all that God has done through His Son. All this is worship and if you don't know the song one can list to the words of the song and it meaning. there is time to learn the song, take it home and continue to worship our God. if you are a musican, practice, practice , practice. God bless, jose'
So you're saying that all this is a myth?
I disagree with this one...as a matter of fact, when I go to other churches, and I don't know the song, it's a perfect opportunity to use I own words and exaltation! YES!
totally agree...we're finding the best worship is happening between the songs...less songs = more worship (not an aim or a rule, just something thats happening) :-D
"we're finding the best worship is happening between the songs...less songs = more worship"

Hi Joe,
Can you explain what you mean by this? I'm not sure I follow.

Also--welcome to WtR!!!!! I pray it is a great resource and source of encouragement for you.


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