I'm going to start creating articles or blog posts and thought it would be fun to have a 'Top 10' series.

So if you're up for it, please help me out with this one by posting some worship leading 'myths' - and yes they can be funny as well as true :-)

I'll pick the best 10 and put them into an article, or blog post so please only share them if you're willing for them to reused and reprinted.

This should be fun!


Update (09/09/09): I've just published the '101 Worship Leader myths' on the new Worship The Rock blog - enjoy!

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You can please all your parishioners.
Translating Western Hymn books is how we teach third world converts how to worship . . .
Sadly, the ones who believe this myth most of all are often the converts! And they're not all in the 3rd world, either.
I thought the only worship leaders were the tone deaf Pastor and the organist.
What's all this talk about Gi-tars and lectricity in church.
We need a worship band to lead worship.
Band? Those colored wrist thingies with WWJD imprinted on them. Huh? I just use a comb and a piece of wax paper
Good one. I have to use soundtracks and we lack nothing.
It is not worship if we do not have music.
That should be the number one, right there.
"I can't worship to THAT music." (Take your pick of styles or eras!)

"Fights over worship music are a modern day problem." (Started as soon as songs started being sung that weren't right out of Psams, if not before!)
Loving this thread...


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