I'm going to start creating articles or blog posts and thought it would be fun to have a 'Top 10' series.

So if you're up for it, please help me out with this one by posting some worship leading 'myths' - and yes they can be funny as well as true :-)

I'll pick the best 10 and put them into an article, or blog post so please only share them if you're willing for them to reused and reprinted.

This should be fun!


Update (09/09/09): I've just published the '101 Worship Leader myths' on the new Worship The Rock blog - enjoy!

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Hi Mike,

Sorry not have responded sooner, and thanks for the welcome. What I mean is that though there are so many great songs out there that we love singing (one of my favs at the moment being "So good to me" by Cory Astbury) that there is a freedom and intimacy in the stuff we sing between the songs; the extemporary expression of the heart and soul to God free of the written song and all the "stuff" we are used to. In these times a fresh or "other" level of passion and intimacy is expressed/ experienced. Also in these times we start hearing the songs coming back prophetically from heaven and start to explore that realm using Sanctified Imagination and really start to get a sense of being closer to that realm. I love some of the words in a Jason Upton song "to rim of the invisible world we go"...it feels like that. Do you know what I mean?

best regards

A Chris Tomlin song has to be played every Sunday otherwise worship does not happen
Not true, write him and see.
What!!! i have laughed so hard i cannot believe it. LOL
ROFL, now that has to be the best one!
Taylor Guitars are the only guitars endorsed by God for true worship.
What? . . . . .That's not true? I'm checking Snopes.
God is ok with Larivee's also...
Im not so sure about this one...lol
heresy, heresy, we all knoweth that the Lord ordained Ovation guitars to be the electro-acoustic of choice.....

The telecaster is the only anointed option for electric playing worship leaders ( The Book of Chords ch.1 v16)


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