I'm going to start creating articles or blog posts and thought it would be fun to have a 'Top 10' series.

So if you're up for it, please help me out with this one by posting some worship leading 'myths' - and yes they can be funny as well as true :-)

I'll pick the best 10 and put them into an article, or blog post so please only share them if you're willing for them to reused and reprinted.

This should be fun!


Update (09/09/09): I've just published the '101 Worship Leader myths' on the new Worship The Rock blog - enjoy!

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It was the sound guy's fault--oh wait, that one's true.
My Top Ten Worship Myths

1) Worship just happens!
2) Worship is secondary to good preaching.
3) Make a joyful noise (God is tone deaf).
4) Hours must be spent in preparation.
5) Good worship leaders are born not made.
6) The worship of traditional denominations is dead.
7) Pentecostals and charismatics have Spirit filled worship.
8) Contemporary rock worship is of the devil.
9) Only men can lead worship.
10) Before Christ no one worshiped the living God.

Make a joyful noise - one of the most abused scriptures of all time!
True worshippers are most expressive (ie.. raising hands, clapping, etc...)

Truth is, expression is a personal thing. Everyone expresses therselves in different ways. Just like when I tassle my sons hair it is an expression of love that he recognizes. My wife on the other hand might choose to offer hugs and kisses. This doesn't mean either one of us loves him any more than the other. Expressions of worship should be appraoched in a similar manner. Just because someone expresses their love by raising their hands, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are more engaged or more righteous than someone who simplly closes their eyes (insert any example here).
Hey, here's one for ya, In my most awesome times of worship, there was no music at all. So, I propose a worship "myth" that there has to be music to have worship.
Matt Redman can't write a bad song.

See "All Over The World".
wouldn't it be great if we all had access to those resources ? coupled with studio time & a top professional producer than just maybe some of our 'bad songs' might sound as good as thiers ?

just food for thought .......

A big name songwriter once said that : " a good song is one that stands up on it's own with just guitar and voice - no big production etc"

I do enjoy the output of those worship leaders and their songs are great, I just wonder about how it would be if we all had that kind of support network behind us, what would our own work sound like ..........

Bottom line is, those guys & girls in full time worship ministry are doing a fine job, maybe we shouldn't make such as big a deal of them as we do. After all, I'm sure those guys/girls aren't professing to be 'better' than us, they are just in a better position to work with the Pro's.
subscribe to Worship Leader magazine, pay the small fee for song feedback panel - you too can have the professional resources!!!
And yet they still lay stinky eggs from time to time...
Okay, Phil,

I have come into this Myths discussion a day late and a dollar short, but I have some additional thoughts -

Assume that everyone knows the same songs as you (worship leader) - in the same arrangement - in the same key.
Assume all musicians/vocalists can read music and follow directions - at the same time.

And we all know what happens when we assume something...
You have to be a good singer to be a good worship leader. The best worship leader from the church I go to wasn't a good singer at all. He really knew how to lead people into the presence of God in worship. He now leads a different ministry and doesn't worship lead anymore. I hope that I've learned a few things from him.
Jesus played a Guild, Peter could play bass like he was walking on water, and Mary Magdalene had a harmony that would leave grown men weeping . . . oops, that's a legend, not a myth.


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