Well, that last discussion was GREAT.  I enjoyed reading the discussion and ideas there and putting up the video of the discussion.  

Just for fun, I would like to hear your input on some of your favorite chord progressions.  Like what you play when you are alone in the house, or when you're in the guitar store trying out some of the more expensive guitars in that little glass acoustic room with all the cool guitars ... not that any of us are that worldly... 


If we get a good discussion on this, I'll put the results up in video like last time

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D - A - Bm - G - A hahahahahahah...
How about this - an alternative into to "Trading My Sorrows" (G - C - Em7 - D). Please don't crucify me for the not-completely-technically-correct chord labeling. The key for you who attempt this is to get used to muting lots of strings and letting your fingers keep their relative positions to each other. It's really a lot easier than it looks here on paper.

(You have to work out the strumming...)
x2x03x - G
x3x05x - C
x7x08x - Em
x5x05x - D

x2x03x - G
x3x05x - C
x7x08x - Em
x9x0(10)x - D/F#

x(10)x0(12)x - G
x3x05x - C
x7x08x - Em
x5x05x - D

x2x03x - G
x3x05x - C
x7x08x - Em
x9x0(10)x - D/F#

Then to the "beginning", with normal strumming. If you have a chorus effect, use it here.

320033 - G
x32033 - C
x22033 - Em
200232 - D/F#
Most guitar players are probably familiar with the trick of playing chords in the key of G with the left pinky and ring finger covering the third fret of the top two strings on all the chords, e.g.
G - 320033
C2 - x32033
Em7 - 022033
Dsus - xx0233

Some other chords that can be used in the key of G to add a bit of variation to the song (and especially to the bass progressions) if anyone happens to be writing in the key of G are:
A7sus - x02233
G2/B - x20233
F6,9 - xx3233
I really like the E, A, C#, B progression. Its easy to solo to with a friend and sometimes gives a southern rock vibe to any song.!!
You mean E, A, C#m, B? And have you tried it with keeping the high E open, e.g.

446650 - C#m (open E)
224440 - B (open E)

Flatten the top of the pointer finger against the top two strings to get the sound. And throw in a Bsus too!

224450 - Bsus (open E)
Open E is always fun. For example I play "Garments of Praise" like this: E5 (079900) w/some hammer-ons from 7 to 9 on the D-string for 4 measures. Then Badd4 (799800) 2 beats, B (799807) 2 beats, and A2 (x07900) for a measure. Back to the E5 w/hammer-ons for 2 measures. That sounds so cool with a little chorus setting in there. That is literally half the song just doing that a few times. Check out the song and try it out!
Hey, cool Badd4. I tried it (like it!), and found that the A2 can also be sounded as 577600, so you slide from the Badd4 799800 down two to A2 577600...
BTW, looking at what I just wrote makes me look like some sort of chord jock-sicko-music theory fanatic. Never having had a music class in my life, I understand that this can look like greek...

Don't be put off by the chord names; for instance, "Badd4"; think about it instead as "B with the bottom two strings open" or "B (open E)". Looks much friendlier than "Badd4" ...
I, just in the last few years, have started learning the legit names of many chords. I am also self taught!! I use my thumb for the root on that Badd4! I actually use my thumb for bass notes all the time. So it goes T34200 for 799800 and when I add the 7fret for the high-E I use my first finger!!! At least I think that is what I do.. I don't have a guitar with me. hhahahaha. Try it out...
BTW... check out the site Gootar.com .... it is a cool way to get names of chords without thinking too hard! haha
Yeah, when I saw that 799807, I figured that either you were using your thumb, or God had blessed you with six fingers.

Yea Dave,
I was fixin' to email Preston about the C#m when I read your reply. Definately a cool set of chords to play over.
I've written a few with these chords F#m, D, A, E and usually use these in different formats on verses and go to A, E, F#m D for a chorus. You kind of get the minor and major of it. Actually the same chord progression Chris Tomlin uses on I Will Rise but he used G#m, E, B, F# but it's the same chord progression.


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