We've been listing our top 5 current worship songs, but how about the ones we're not currently doing for one reason or another. My reason is simple--I don't get to choose the material. I make suggestions for new material at times that sometimes get played, but most of my favorites are either older or not fitting what we do.

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1. Shine Your Light by Violet Burning--all 10 or so minutes of it in 6/8 time with cello solo. I'm sure we could do it if I really pushed it and found the progression somewhere and we've used tenor sax to do cello parts on several other tunes. Would need a female to sinf it as our male singers couldn't possibly hit those notes like Pritzl does.
2. Sacred by Ryne Delmore--sounds like something you'd hear in a Clint Eastwood western--lots of tambourine and cymbols to go with the droaning accordian. We could pull it off, but it would be more a performance instead of worship.
3. Who is Like Our God--appx 1995 Vineyard--was very popular in the church I was in at the time, but it doesn't float the boat of our main worship leader.
4. Take Me In--Kutless version--This was the first worship song I fell in love with back in 1991 when I first believed (obviously not Kutless version) and their remake of it brought it back to mind. Our new once a month or so fill in worship leader likes it and hopefully we'll do it in the next couple months.
5. Faintly by Marie Barnett--I loved this one when it first came out, but Breathe (This is the air I breathe...) was on the same recording and took off in numerous churches. This ditty was even more dramatic musically but the lyrics weren't as accessible as Breathe.
I just did Take me in Last week, Just awesome stuff.
I pick out all the music, and take on suggestions from time to time. There is so much good music out there. There are some very popular worship songs we don't do, partly due to sing-ability and complexity. The most popular songs at our church are easy to sing. Consequently, most of the songs are from Hillsongs
Songs we don't do:
Power Of Your Love - Hillsongs
The Potter's Hand - Done it a few times, but it takes some getting used to, decided to shelf it for awhile.
Love The Lord - Lincoln Brewster - Liked it at first, but became monotonous.
God Of This City - I like it to listen too, but did not go over well at church.
Trading My Sorrows - We decided to shelf it because it is being done everywhere, and the second verse is not easily sing-able. It's not that we don't like it, but it is over done.

I have been using songs from resoundworship.org for over a year now, and have found it to be a bit refreshing. They are not widely done in churches, and I like that.
God of this city went over HUGE in Syracuse. With Powerpoint slides of different views of the city, it was awesome.
Hey Garrett are you from Syracuse?
I tend to do ones that have been 'overdone', top of which is probably "The Splendour of the King", and probably about to join it is "Everlasting God (Strength Will Rise)". They are both great songs but I think they've lost all meaning at least for me now!

I also don't play "Shine Jesus Shine" because it became that overdone song in its day, to the point that even years on there's no way to do it convincingly - I've tried!

Sorry can't give you five!
Yes, I was thinking about Shine... as well. Nice in it's day but... every now and then someone pulls it out. Doesn't go over well, though.

Thanks, this was an especially fun topic to ponder.
I think that when someone answers this issue truthfully, it is because they have recently taken over the worship leadership role, at least when it comes to choosing the music. I remember being on one praise team where "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever" became "We've Been Singing This Song Forever" ... the worship leader used the song at least every other month (if not every month), and then he sang 42 verses of it on top of that. Obviously when I became a leader (able to choose music), I avoided that song for about 6-12 months....

I've found that once a new song gets out of the 'new' stage, I rotate songs so that they are not sung any more frequently than 3 months. I'd rather keep the music fresh; at the same time, I'd rather have them asking "when's the next time you're playing this song" than "do we have to sing this so often".....

Well i dont like to dicount any song new or old because it might fit the atmosphere of the service, so I might just throw it in. I will change up the style to make it fresh (the team works on 2 or 3 styles). so far that has worked ok. I learned that from Paul Balosch (dont know the spelling of his last name ... Sorry Paul if that was wrong) you can catch some of these kinds of tip on www.cclitv.com ...
I've never done Famous One - everyone wants to clap, but we all know it won't work - so the band is the only one really having fun with the song!
I've reluctantly scratched several great Hillsong United tunes (The Time Has Come, All Day) and almost all Dave Crowder songs from the repertoire ... since most sound less than great when led by a soprano.
We changed the key for The Time Has Come to one more suitable for a soprano leader (dropped to F), it works for us.
I know what you mean. maybe you can try to change up who leads the song.


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