We've been listing our top 5 current worship songs, but how about the ones we're not currently doing for one reason or another. My reason is simple--I don't get to choose the material. I make suggestions for new material at times that sometimes get played, but most of my favorites are either older or not fitting what we do.

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I guess I was expecting more clarity in the question......"top song's we don't play *because*....." it's not always the WL's *choice* not to play a song........there's a lot of variables involved.........available personnel, talent levels, etc.
But, at any rate:.............hmmm..........after reading the other posts..........yup, we pulled "Trading My Sorrows" & "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" too..............we'd done them too often............although we wouldn't hesitate in rotating them back in if it had a purpose. "Shine, Jesus, Shine" never did work for us. Same with "God of this City".........Some songs we're not doing because we haven't got to them yet, but plan to: "Today is the Day" - Paul Baloche's version on his new "Glorious" cd release............"Your Grace is Enough" by Matt Maher................."Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" - the Jaden Lavik version................."Hear My Worship" - by Jamie Jamgochian.................
"As The Deer" I think I played that song 10,000 times from 95-2000.

"Awesome God" for the same reasons as "As The Deer". Though, I'm thinking about doing it at our church because it might go over well.
How about "As the Deer" starting in C major, then returning to the 1st verse, repeat chorus twice, then bring it up to D major. Verse then chorus 3 times, then change the final chord to D minor instead of D major. That why we can go into Take Me In (D minor, then E minor, then F# minor).

Whaddya say? :)
That would make it even better!
At the risk of sounding over spiritual, “1Co 10:23 "Every song is permissible"—but not every song is beneficial. "Every song is permissible"—but not every song is constructive.”

I like to take the congregation on a journey to where I have been that week in my own worship and prayer life sometimes out of that time I find myself singing songs that I have to hunt the music for. Just singing these songs or any songs on Sunday would, to observe some of your comments, ‘not work, fall flat’ or sound like a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. Instead lead the congregation to forget about the song, arrangement, you and the band. Instead use the songs to focus on Him.

In Answer to the blog ‘When the music fades (Matt Redman) ‘we don’t sing any more’. However, read the words, put down your instruments tell God how you feel and worship him. Out of that experience then pick up your instrument play to Him a love offering and then combine the two (song and music) in spirit and truth with no other agenda other than to worship and serve the congregation, take them with you ‘not lead’. Definitely never lead singing for the sake of singing a song that will thrill or upset the congregation.

You are called to 1st worship and 2nd to serve, then you can think about yourselves and what music you enjoy and what riff will make you look cool.

I say these things to encourage us. As I am writing this I also am encouraged also, and ‘leading Worship’ on Sunday! Time to do some carpet time, Worship Him, let God do his stuff. And be moved to a place where I can say ‘Here I am Lord use me!’ Read - Isaiah 6.

Nice discussion! I must admit, being the worship leader has it's benefits in song choice, although I try to include songs that aren't necessarily my favorites, but I know inspire others to worship. The top five songs typically I don't use include:

Your Grace Is Enough - The chorus on this song is great, but the verse lyrics seem very random.
One Pure and Holy Passion - I LOVE the words to this song, but the grove is hard to find/master. I think the Passion Band who made this popular had the same challenge because they have a couple different versions of it themselves!
The Heart of Worship - I love this song in context (when repenting of focus on music instead of God), but I just can't get past the line "I'm sorry, Lord, for the thing I've made it" as an oft repeated phrase when most of our congregation doesn't need to repent of this on an ongoing basis.
Famous One - I love the wrods, but our praise team and congregation just can't get the grove.
Open the Eyes of My Heart - I've shelved this one for a while because it seemed to be getting stale/overused (even only singing it every few months).

"Revelation Song"
I absolutely LOVE this song, but for some reason, it just doesn't groove well with our congregation. Our worship team loves it, too. I just don't get it... *sigh*
"In The Secret" - For some reason the timing of this song eludes our praise team. We do many other songs much more complex than this one. We just can't seem to pull this particular song off. we've tried both slow and more upbeat versions. It just doesn't work for us in any arrangement. Strange.
Interesting topic. Although there are a myriad of songs that we don't sing, there are a few that we exclude for specific purposes:

1. Friend of God - I have had numerous discussions on semantics with people regarding this well-used song of Israel Houghton's. I find that the definition of the word "friend" is skewed in this song, making the verse and chorus contradictory. If you're curious, I can elaborate further on this, but I'll keep it short for this forum.
2. Jesus, Friend Forever - I love this song, but got some comments that the term "lovers" has been misappropriated by the homosexual community and becomes a distraction in this song.
3. The Heart of Worship - As someone else noted, I struggle to lead a congregation in such a specific repentance ("I'm sorry, Lord...) when it may not be universally necessary.
4. Be Magnified - Same reason as #3 (Oh, Lord, forgive me), although periodically I'll toss in the chorus at our prayer meetings, excluding the verses. Great chorus!
5. Pour My Love - I love this Phillips, Craig & Dean classic, but just can't get past glorifying the use of wine.
"Shout to the Lord" makes me cringe everytime I hear just because it was excessively overplayed.

I personally love it...but won't do "Blessed Be Your Name" because the theology is to controversial...and I don't think it's right to change the lyrics.

We're actually a small church...and only have a "cd worship band". God and I put the playlist together...and me along with a few singers are up singing and helping lead the congregation. So right now we're not using "Healer" because of the controversy of that song. I actually think the song itself is amazing and full of truth...but I haven't been able to find a version of someone else singing it that our congregation can sing along with too.
I'm not familiar with "Healer", but your objection to "Blessed Be Your Name" made me curious. I had never thought of it as being controversial, and wonder if you might expound on that. And, please, I'm honestly inquisitive and promise not to criticize if I happen to disagree. Just want to hear where another worship leader is coming from.
I gave my response down below....but just wanted to say that I'm ALL about discussions...even arguments...and am never afraid to have conversations and disagreements...because I never take them personally. So no worries! :-)


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