Who would be interested in public domain hymns that have a contemporary feel and sound... I've written parts for clarinet, sax and flute... I try to stay to the same chord structure and melody of the old hymn but modify the style to almost any type of music from country to jazz (rock is included somewhere in between)

We don't always do this but it brings some of the great theology contained in the older hymns into the forefront of peoples minds when the tune stays with them!

I don't know a better way to share them other than through recording... before I go that far I'd like to know if anyone is interested...

Soon I'll know...

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Hi David,

Oh it's a great idea. I have heard many such "covers" of traditional hymns and songs. I suppose Trans-Siberian Orchestra is the most well-known example, but there are many Christian artists doing this. I have a wonderful version of "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" done by "Praise Band" on their CD "I Walk by Faith." Another favorite is "O Come O Come Emmanuel" by LaVada Torzewski on the CD "Remember Emmanuel." A kind of smooth jazz guitar thing.

Pray about it, and follow His lead!

I was first exposed to the concept at another church where I was just a member of the praise band but when I became the worship leader at our church I sort of fell into the first hymn I looked at thinking, 'I have got to give this my own energy or it will never work in our setting.'
Ever since I did so I've heard many other recording artists do the same things but not necessarily the same songs... the comments coming in so far seem to hit on completely different hymns... I have two books on my piano titled, "Then Sings my Soul" but as you start reading the biographies of the authors you realize they were writing songs for their local churches because that was the only music they had access to.
I like to write my own but just like reading scripture moves us heart, mind and soul - so does reading some of these old hymns...
Sure, I'm interested. :-)
I've done a little of that - and i really love it - i think it works best for me tho when the music lines up well with the message - when "Oh The Deep Deep Love of Jesus" sounds really haunting, or when "Leaning on The Everlasting Arms" sounds bluesy - but yeah - i'm interested in hearing what you've done!
I agree Samuel... my daughters are filling in for vacationing praise team members (all of them) and we just finished, 'My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less' which I actually have printed with the title, "Solid Rock" and that's the feel... the other cool thing we did was give sinking 4 whole beats to make it sound like you're suddenly caught in sinking sand
Well if the response keeps pouring in like this I'm going to have to share some of it quickly...

Last few times we've used Kristian Stanfill's Jesus Paid It All and it worked out great.

I also thought 4Him's Hymns CD was great.

Great idea.
I'm not familiar with Kristian Stanfill's version... I'm going to have to look that up
Wow... that only took two months... life gets busy... I just added three of our churches favorites... they're screaming for bass and guitar, they already have killer sax parts (I have the sheet music)... I'm putting them on movie files next and sending them up to facebook...


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