How a discussion that isn't so deep...Anybody know anything or have any guesses on what the future trends are for worship music?

In the 80's it was an era of Maranatha coloured coded books and Vineyard. Very basic piano parts with acoustic guitar. I think in the 90's it was a very UK influenced, Christian British Rock invasion. Artist like Matt Redman and labels like Worship Together ruled Sunday worship. In the new millennium, I think  the major influences were actually from 'down under', with Hillsongs United, with their big, full band sound (although Rueben Morgan and Darlene Z had made the label quite well know already. Multiple guitarists, keyboard, bass, drummer, back-up vocalist, basically 10-12 ppl worship teams.

Christian Worship music seems to emulate secular music, just a few decades behind. For me, I'm listening to secular bands like One Republic and LIGHTS (aka the girl version of Owl City). One Republic reminds me a 'rockier' Jars of Clay, with strong string parts, as most songs have distinctive cello parts (but with heavy heavy, strong drum parts). The strong beats and beat alliteration seems to reflect influence from rap and hip hop music.

Whereas LIGHTS (and Owl City) are bringing back electro-pop, with the era of Keytars and heavily synthesized music. LIGHTS also uses a vocoder for some songs, the same effect that Cher and rappers have been employing for the last few years.

 At my church, I'm trying to encourage some classically trained youth to stick to violin and create parts for them (so we're not just stuck with piano players, guitarist, drummers and bassist). We're also slowly adding in keys/synth to complement electric guitar and electric bass (which was already a bold move years ago, along with drums). We have a Korg Triton that is starting to get more use, and I break out my Virtual Analog microKorg Sundays as well. I'm pretty bold with my POD XT Live guitar effects board, aiming for full U2 Edge type of sound. There is less of the "Eric Clapton Unplugged" sound, and definitely a conscious focus to move away from piano lead music, at least for the team I play with. More people, better coordinated multi-part worship.

So what trends are you seeing? Seeing any changes? Anything you're trying to champion?

** Note: I know music is somewhat subjective. Trends are also probably very localized at first. If you reply, can you also add where you're responding from? I'm from Toronto, Canada.

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Keith Richards was using a Capo with the Stones at Glastonbury last weekend, and he looks older than that!


Come on now.  Have either of us ever been accused of being cool?  A few times I've been told that I "rock", a real compliment; but cool?


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