Hey, is anyone else having trouble using this forum with Firefox?  I can get on it and read regular posts and reply to them, but trying to reply to a blog or join a group wasn't working for me.  I had to load up the Google Chrome browser to do anything in the group modules.  I am running Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) as my operating system, so I don't know if it is a problem with Linux or Firefox.

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I use Firefox pretty regularly to surf WTR. (3.0.19 for XP). Don't think there was anything broken before.

However, I think sometimes Phil pushes out a new release and things change. If anything broken it usually gets fixed pretty quickly.

I do notice some minor glitches with replying to forum posts (but those seem to be working fine for you):
a) it can only go certain number of replies deep
b) the ordering of replies can jump around a bit
c) sometimes the pagination is off by a page

Also, sometimes postings or other entities are deleted and show up in the recent updated, but when you click on the link it's already gone. Not much you can do about that.
Just replied to a blog posting with FireFox... seemed to work OK. Not sure if that helps.
I'm also having trouble seeing the threads properly -- most of the time when I reply to a particular post it just gets added to the end as a reply to the original message. For instance, this is a reply to your reply, but I'm betting it doesn't show up like that. I do get the glitches with pagination sometimes, too.
This is a reply to a reply with the Google Chrome browser under Linux.
That one works -- wierd, huh?
It's gotta be your Linux.
Can't be Linux if it all works in the Chrome browser - I'm still using Linux. Maybe I'll just switch to Chrome.
Not necessarily, depends on your Linux install. If it works in Chrome, don't worry. I use Chrome in Windows 7 all the time with WTR and it's fine. Firefox is a dead end for me, never use it any more.
nope....runs like a dream.
I think you might need a nice clean install of everything. I have been using Firefox on Windows XP and 2000 and Ice Weasel (Debian's rebadged Firefox) on Deabian for about 2 1/2 Years with out any problems.
I used to get a lot of trouble with Opera but the later releases work beautifully on windows and linux.

David Bull.
I'd give opera a go - it's fully as fast as Chrome too.

If you're a Linux fan, try giving the new Open SuSE release 11.3 a whirl (available as a live CD). I've been tryng a lot of different distros over the last few years, and this has really impressed me with it's speed and cleanliness. I'm running both Firefox and Opera (and konqueror, because that's bundled with KDE) and they've been good so far.

As for Ubuntu, I installed Kubuntu a little while back, but it was unstable and eventually FF stopped working altogether. I wasn't interested enough to find out why and just nuked the install eventually.


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