There is a song that I can only remember part of. I Think it is called, "Your Love is Unconditional." The version that I heard was recorded live. It had LOTS of energy and was rock style. The words to the best of my recollection are:
Lord, You know there's no one here on Earth - That loves me like You do.
Tho' people fail and turn their back on me, - You remain Faithful and True.

When I'm down You always pick me up. - When I'm thirsty, Lord You fill my cup.
You supply all my needs - You're More than enough.
When I pray You always hear my call - And You have me standing 10 feet tall.
You supply all my needs - You're More than enough. (?) Your love is unconditional.

I'd like to find out Who did it, What the name of it is , and What it's called.


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Patrick Knock & Eduardo Coronado
Your Love is Uncondtional
Blessings, MBB
Thank you and GOD Bless Marie and Leslie! If anyone wants a blessing please check out this song! (The audio is a little scratchy but it's worth your while!)


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