This past Sunday, we had an unusually good rehearsal before the service, which oddly enough made me paranoid that something was going to go wrong during the service.  We got through 4 of our 5 songs without any major hiccups, although there was a funny moment when a 4 year old (the son of the guest speaker) exclaimed between songs "That was TOO loud!".  Unfortunately he happened to be one of the unlucky few near one of the main speakers.  Anyway, that moment wasn't the unplanned moment I was intending on sharing. The last song was Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone by Chris Tomlin.  There was a little bit of chatter among the congregation as we started the song.  I didn't realize what was going on until that little boy exclaimed, "Look it's snowing!"  Snowflakes the size of golf balls were coming down for the first snowfall of the year in this coastal town of Maine.  (Usually the first snowfall doesn't occur for at least another 4 weeks, if not later.)  Eventually we got to the last verse:

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow
The sun forbear to shine
But God, Who called me here below
Will be forever mine
Will be forever mine
You are forever mine

The snow stopped as quickly as it started and it never did stick.

What a wonderful experience, a reminder that God plans things more than we could ever imagine.  While some people may have just thought it was cool, for me it was a hug from God to remind me He is still in control and I don't have to worry about running the world, I just need to be faithful in following him.

What experiences have you had where you had planned for something to happen (in or outside a worship service) and something else unexpectedly happened that resulted in an especially amazing God-moment?  Or perhaps it was just something more like a personal message from God through unsuspecting people?

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On a regular basis, our Pastor's sermon is exactly in line with one or more of our sings. He and I both feel that there is no need to plan for this sort of thing, so we plan separately without knowledge of the up and coming messages or songs. But almost every Sunday, at least one of the songs that I've planned in advance ends up being right on point with the sermon, like a bullet from God. (Don't get me wrong, many folks plan these thins and I think that's fine too...)
Ah, I know exactly what you are saying Stevo.........when it happens you look at the other musicians who have made the connection between the music and what is being preached, as if surprised. I really don't know why we are so surprised...Praise God.

Sadly though, I have lost touch with a good friend and fellow musican because I do things the way you do, and he liked to plan more. Like you said, both are fine - compromising is the hard bit : ( Anyway I am getting off track, so I'll shut up.

I look forward to reading the replies on here Carl, your experience warms the heart. Don't you just love Him? : )
It's those moments when everything just lines up which help reaffirm that you weren't just simply trying to pick your favourite songs again. I've no particular stories, except that like Stevo, I love it when no plan (of ours) comes together and everything just fits. There's little to beat hearing God.
Oh, how right you are. Sometimes you 'just know' that it is God's doing, Someone else may think 'No way, its just a coincidence', but you know in your heart it is much more than that. I once read that there is no such thing as coincidence, it is simply God being anonymous : )
Which leads me to another conclusion from long ago - I see non believers experiencing some of these events and they just call it synchronicity. Is it?
We used to have a phrase for this kind of co-incidence: 'God-incidence', because they seemed to happen too often to be 'the luck of the draw'. It's important to be a little careful, because it's easy for us to draw the conclusions we are looking for from a complex series of events, but often things DO seem to fall into place in a distinctly non-random fashion.
Zactly. In many ways, we still have to treat them as coincidence and not as a "sign".
love it!


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