For those of you using "How He Loves" by John Mark McMillan in your worship, what key are you doing the song in and how are you dealing with the extensive range necessary to sing the song? I am curious whether your congregation is participating in singing the song or mainly listening?


We are considering introducing the song but to say it doesn't fit the C to shining C rule is an understatement. I have an idea of how to deal with this, but I really wanted to see what other folks were doing first. Our Youth have just returned from the Centrifuge Church Camp and this was one of songs that was part of their worship at the camp. I like to incorporate a few songs they have sung at camp each year. I know that this song is being used a great deal across the country now in worship.


As usual, I appreciate your input.






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I would also be interested in what you use in place of the "sloppy wet kiss" phrase, understanding that some may use that phrase.
ok - david crowder (and we) do "unforseen kiss" seems less distracting.
Same here; we use David Crowder's phraseology. Crowder also uses a beautifully detailed, cross-rhythmic background that is very compelling to me. But when one of the guys who likes it in plain 3 is leading, we just sing it plain, and it's thoroughly lovely (and maybe more relaxing on the musicians) that way. It's just a wonderful song. We sing it in C, the key of the Sunrise.

Whatever key you sing it in, keep the delicacy, the sweet quiet savorsome joy. If it sounds too fat in A, well that's your decision, but I'd go back to C and let the voices squeak a little on the high notes. In general, the key that works for most of the people for 99% of the song is the right key.

Corollary: God made altos, and He made them smarter than sopranos because He knew they would have to figure out how to do harmony.
Keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t change it!!!!!!!!!
Crowder is a Baptist and ruined the song. I am sure he changed it because his religious community could not handle the phrase and have a hang serious (I kissed dating goodbye) hang up.
The passion of Gods love is sloppy and intimidating. Not unforeseen!
Play the song like they do it off the "Jesus Culture" CD.
P.S. I like Babtists and Crowder :-) Just not what he did whitht the song.
God's love is sloppy?
hey hey.....i was wondering when you were going to join.
Sloppy, Messy It doesnt make sence.

To live is to die. To gain life you must lose it. To be a leader you must serve. The first shall be last. Turn the other cheek. Go the extra mile.


You can't tell me tha's not messy.
all those things you mentioned are very specific and precise. not sloppy. they show signs of order and purpose.

sloppy is the opposite. sloppy is not precise nor is it specific. its random without order. God does not work that way. everything He does is with order and purpose.

so im telling you that forgiving others is NOT messy. its specific and with purpose. not random and messy.
Actually Aaron, could I just point you to our recent discussion in this very topic? It may have been with order and purpose what we talked about. It may have been ordained by God that we had that we had that discussion.

But you can not ever convince me that was not messy.

There's so many things we do in life that are opposite from the kingdom mindset.
When we as humans think of sloppy we think it means not-beautiful.
But look at a child's drawing (do you have kids?).
Its the sloppiest mess of colors you've ever seen but you can't tell me you don't believe your child has drawn something beautiful.

I think what people here are trying to say is perhaps we limit God. Our perception of God doing things in perfect order does not equate to what God has in his mind.

2 Corinthians 2:16 "For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him. But we have the mind of Christ". And I believe it was Paul that said "your ways oh Lord are not my ways. And your thoughts are not my thoughts" (thats heavy paraphrasing).

I do believe that we have to be careful not to make our congregation uncomfortable. And if that phrase "sloppy wet kiss" weirds them out. Then perhaps we should rethink the use of the song. (Or since an alternative version exists . . . we use that).

I just don't think it could be said that things of God could never be sloppy.
the physical life can be sloppy, but the direction God moves is very specific and precise.

awesome scripture reference. although it only shows that God has His ways. and through the rest of the bible we see a God of order and precision craftsmanship.
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of love, power and a sound mind"
He has definately placed things in motion and holds the keys to our future. He's absolutely in control. And in that sense God is never a god of chaos.

But I definately know of many personal experiences where God has worked in mysterious (you could even say sloppy) ways. Not that He was sloppy but that the actual situation was messy. Just coming to God as a sinner seeking redemption I think we all have experienced how sloppy and messy we become when God is cleaning us up.

Oh my gosh - did we just agree? nah that can't be!! Hahah
in slight contrast, i think God takes the chaos which we create and puts things into correct alignment. so yes, God does work in messy/sloppy situations. but He does not create them. we create the chaos, He restores the harmony which was lost.

though God works in mysterious ways, by the verse which you gave and paraphrasing, "2 Corinthians 2:16 "For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him. But we have the mind of Christ". And I believe it was Paul that said "your ways oh Lord are not my ways. And your thoughts are not my thoughts" (thats heavy paraphrasing).

.........His ways may seem sloppy to us, but His ways are not our ways. and if we remain consistent with the bible, His ways are orderly and specific......and if my ways are not His ways, then what appears to me to be sloppy, in great contrast, is very much order and precise.


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