For those of you using "How He Loves" by John Mark McMillan in your worship, what key are you doing the song in and how are you dealing with the extensive range necessary to sing the song? I am curious whether your congregation is participating in singing the song or mainly listening?


We are considering introducing the song but to say it doesn't fit the C to shining C rule is an understatement. I have an idea of how to deal with this, but I really wanted to see what other folks were doing first. Our Youth have just returned from the Centrifuge Church Camp and this was one of songs that was part of their worship at the camp. I like to incorporate a few songs they have sung at camp each year. I know that this song is being used a great deal across the country now in worship.


As usual, I appreciate your input.






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Ed, I think I'm going to like your site. Thought you might want to hear that...
Why thank you Stevo. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
I think it's a great song, we need more thought provoking lyrics in the worship scene. We also need more truth.
"One falsehood can ruin a thousand truths." - Jewish Proverb


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