For those of you using "How He Loves" by John Mark McMillan in your worship, what key are you doing the song in and how are you dealing with the extensive range necessary to sing the song? I am curious whether your congregation is participating in singing the song or mainly listening?


We are considering introducing the song but to say it doesn't fit the C to shining C rule is an understatement. I have an idea of how to deal with this, but I really wanted to see what other folks were doing first. Our Youth have just returned from the Centrifuge Church Camp and this was one of songs that was part of their worship at the camp. I like to incorporate a few songs they have sung at camp each year. I know that this song is being used a great deal across the country now in worship.


As usual, I appreciate your input.






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Absolutely my favorite version.
I dare say better than McMillan's
yep--i posted it a few months back for another thread--don't remember which one though
We introduced "How He Loves" to our congregation last week. We did the song in the key of A and used an Alto solo on the first verse and pre-chorus, then brought the praise team in singing the first verse together. We used a tenor solo on the next verse and brought the entire team in on the last 2 lines of the verse, "I don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way!" The Spirit just rained down during the chorus. We put an instrumental after the chorus and then went back to the chorus acapella for 4 lines and brought the band back in on the "Yea, He Loves Us".

It went over as well as any song we have ever introduced. Regarding the "sloppy wet kiss" versus "Unforeseen kiss" debate, we felt "Unforeseen Kiss" was right for our congregation.

We hope to post a video of the next time we sing it. Thanks for sharing your opinions and suggestions.
im wondering how everyone outside the u.s. (besides england, australia & NZ) has felt the song in its original well as just felt about the song in general.
Ahhh ! Good question. I'd be curious to hear what others have experienced as well.
After the negative response to "vegetarians BBQing hamsters" when we did Shine by The Newsboys we decided to skip the "sloppy wet kiss" and go for the "unforeseen kiss". It went over very well. That's what gets played on the radio all the time here so it's what they expected. Another one that bugs me a little is Bluetree's God Of This City. Their original version is so much better (in my mind) than the Chris Tomlin version that our congregation hears all the time on the radio. We did the original version of that and everyone loved it but it totally threw them off. Chris moved it from a minor key to a major key and stripped out a lot of the lyrics.
I'm late on following this discussion, but our church usually plays it in C, tone down for the 2nd verse ("We are His portion"), and I changed the lyric to "Heaven meets earth with a merciful kiss," in that what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross was an act of mercy we do not deserve, but it is freely given. God bless!

Did you read back on the early posts regarding changing lyrics?
OH COME ON STEVEO. Lets not get high and mighty / holier than thou.

How many times has a church randomly changed a secular song to fit Christian lyrics?
How many times has someone been led to add their own verse spontaneously?
Or my favorite one:
How many times has a church just replaced the words with La la la la la????
Are you saying they should stop the flow of the spirit

I'm sorry to announce congregation.
STOP STOP WORSHIPING JESUS. I'm sorry folks I must interrupt you from worshiping. Please don't worship Jesus right now. I must point out a very serious offense. See that person on isle 5 the 3rd row. Yes You sir. Stand up please. Everyone, please gather your rocks we will be stoning this hideous offender. They did not say "the" before we sang "the risen Saviour".
We will be having a stoning immediately following this worship session.
Organist please play now.

At the end of the day WHO CARES?!

If Andre felt that would minister best to their congregation... then so be it.
HE IS NOT PUBLISHING THE SONG. Just performing it for the local congregation.
Nor has he claimed the words or song to be his own.

What I mean to say by my obvious humor is that... we need to stop focusing on the writer and stop focusing on the lyrics and just focus in on Jesus. Each day you and I and the congregations we share in the corporate praise with... we choose who to magnify.
We can place our magnifying glass over they lyrics and ensure they are enforced to the letter with a fine tooth comb. OR
We can simply place our magnifying glass over the Risen Saviour who's waiting to embrace people new and old with His love.
Its your choice. Its my choice. Its the congregation's choice who they want to make bigger.

Me, I just want to see Jesus lifted high. or are the lyrics "...lifted higher" ? ;)
Wow, I seem to have struck a chord without meaning to. You might want to dig back into the earlier discussions in this thread before changing lyrics. At the time of the discussion back then, I didn't think it was a big deal either, but I was wrong. The artists care, the laws care and we should care. The Spirit would have us do no less.
dadgum..............hahahahaha............i think it should be a rule for someone to read all of the discussion before they comment.

this subject is so 2 months ago......if not older.
merciful kiss sounds good.


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