I have been so amped about using some of the awesome iPhone apps I have found.  I wanted to see if anyone was already using apps in there arrangements.  

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- I use MultiTrack recorder both for recording my own practice but also for ensemble practice

- Angry Birds. Enough said.

- Soundhound for when you don't know who did that song that you hear on the radio or in a restaurant.

- DrumTrack for coming up with drum lines that you want your drummer to think about

- "Tabs" for a link to the ultimate guitar tabs website

- iStrobeSoft is a full Peterson strobe tuner with all the accuracy of the hardware version

- MusicTrainer to slow down your songs but keep them in pitch so you can easily learn them

- DropBox is a synchronized folder that is accessible via iphone or ipad. I put all our schedules and chord sheets up on it and then go to them in my iphone if I need to reference something.

- Angry Birds. Enough said again.

I've been interested in trying out the  iStrobesoft but havn't pulled the trigger.

I just got the Line 6 midi mobilzer so we can use the NLog synth engine app and it is AWESOME.  Seriously, 8.99 for a quality and flexible synth module??!!!!  It's ridiculously sweet.

I'm also amped about the following:

iTanpura - amazing drone samples that you can customize

Manetron - quality Mellotron app

Bebot - another awesome synth engine with a unique touch interface (sounds unbelievably good)

Moog Filtertron - not sure what I want to do with it yet, but it is top notch

Beatwave - I think there is a lot of potential in this for creating beats or transition arrangements and so on.

I'll have to look into those. Clearly you're a synth guy.

Yea, I use the Multitrack DAW also. Great for putting together a rough demo.

I've got the IRig and the whole AmpliTube deal. It's fun to mess with but I wouldn't use it in church or anything.

Got Soundhound, don't use it much. Elman knows music...

I use Pandora more than any music app because I get to create my own radio station and listen to what I want.

  I'll have to check a couple of your mentions Stevo.

Check out Onsong. It is awesome for leading worship changing keys and sending set lists to team members. It was free and I think it still is for 1 more day.
BTW - I downloaded OnSong. It's got great potential, but it crashes when you lest expect it and is slow at times. When I finally get an iPad, I'll be able to use it more effectively. Hopefully it will be bug free by then.

Metronome by steinway.


Great for your drummer.

I've been using NextPage on iPad to present my sheet music during worship since January.  I'm a keyboard player, so if full scores were in the set, I was often carrying 30+ pages of music on a Sunday morning with page turn nightmares galore.  At this point I have given up paper completely, and I'm turning pages with either finger swipes or taps on a wireless pedal.  It is incredibly liberating.

Disclaimer:  NextPage is an app that I created because I needed it myself.  There are other fine apps there besides mine that do similar things, but NextPage is specifically designed with the worship performer in mind - it's not meant to be a sheet music librarian, lead sheet transposer, etc.  It is simply meant to free the musician from worrying about the paper so he/she can focus on pouring themselves in the music and worship itself.  

Stevo mentioned that another app crashed on him. The original iPad has very limited memory resources, and even the best of apps can crash if the "perfect storm" of low resources occurs.  This is much less of a problem on iPad 2.  On iPad 1 I recommend following good "iPad hygiene" before performing, which is simply to freshly load your music app and terminate any other apps that are running.  (Double-tap the home button to see them, tap and hold one til they all wiggle, then tap the '-' badge to kill them).

It's very important to have confidence in whatever app your using, and so practicing with it is critical.  You need to know if it has any rough edges and where they are.  When NextPage was in its infancy during beta testing, I did have a few "exciting" moments.  I was experimenting on myself, as it were, to find the rough edges and fix them before I sent it off to the App Store.  The last thing I wanted to was ruin a church's Sunday morning worship experience!   Happily, NextPage has been solid for me, and for those who have sent me feedback, since January.

Hope this helps.



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