Do you effectively use videos during worship? If so, how? Do you create your own? Do you use clips from hollywood movies? Do you use videos from SermonSpice, GroveFilms, etc.? Do you have a favorite that has worked really well? This is a place to share your successes, blunders, resources, recommendations, etc.

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We use videos quite often to enhance the theme of the day. They may be ones from wingclips, sermonspice, other sources, or of our own creation. I have used videos to create an entire service of music and video (evening services). The single biggest issue for us is the quality of the audio from some of the video producers. They often don't have clear audio which is very frustrating. Because of this I'm pretty picky about the videos I use.
The other issue is the amount of ambient light that comes through our upper windows. If it's a very sunny Sunday morning the screen gets washed out.


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