Hey guys!

I was wondering where you guys got your visual content, motion backgrounds, and all your church media.

I've been using TripleWideMedia.com and PlaybackMedia.com, but was wondering if you guys had any other good spots?

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thanks Greg! I appreciate you reaching out :)

I think you will find a spectrum of things being used. The sum total of our worship service happens on Apple's Keynote program which is kind of like Powerpoint. I think you can get pretty fancy with all the new stuff, but in the end, it's about musical worship and presentation of the Word. You can do those two things without a computer if necessary.

Have you figured out what it costs per year to use that material? I'd be curious how it compares to the cost to buy stock photos and backgrounds that we paste into Keynote.

We invest a few hundred dollars a year. It is true that you could worship with zero media, but i do think visual worship can enhance and point a congregation to the glory of God by taking the focus of the band or a person. Used incorrectly and visuals can be incredible distracting though.

Hi, we use a program called easy worship in church on a laptop and the words go onto a projector screen. The program comes with lots of different backgrounds to chose from including some motion backgrounds. 

I don't use motion backgrounds for lyrics. I use a dark blue "marbley" background with 44 point, arial, bold, white letters, with shadow. 4:3 aspect ratio with 4 and sometimes 5 lines of text on a 12 foot screen. My goal... keep it simple for those that need the words maintaining a good... even... contrast to make the words pop off the screen.

We either use the stock images that came with songpro software or I'll use my own images, however I'm also considering moving away from photos to less intrusive backgrounds, as sometimes they can be intrusive. Last week we were in a church that used OHP for words, and it was really refreshing to get away from computer-projected imagery and all the rest of it, and just have a simple projection without distraction.

Yea I agree. Images can be distracting if they aren't used for environmental projection. I prefer motion backgrounds that are mainly comprised of particles and light beams. Abstract stuff.

Also I found some free media at www.triplewidemedia.com/free

I am not much help on this topic... I am not sure if you have seen the thread, but in the "small church" section there is a thread on this with hundreds of responses.

Thanks Matthew!


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