Wake up Singing (Singing out Your name)

Hi all,

It feels like it's been a while since I last had a song to post on here...busy working on a new EP...anyway, here's one I've just started using on Sunday mornings, what do you think? An upbeat song is a bit of a rarity for me!



I want to wake up singing

Singing out Your praise

I want to wake up singing

Singing out Your name, Jesus


Fill me with a childlike wonder

Where everything feels brand new

Everyday like a great adventure

I open up my eyes

And all I see is You


Open wide my eyes in wonder

At the start of a bright new day

You alone my hope and saviour

Let nothing hold me back

I'm running all the way


There is joy, joy, joy

There is peace, peace, peace

There is love, love, love

In Your presence


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This is nice.  I wish there were more songs written specifically to open (or close) a worship service.

Only thing I'd suggest fiddling with is that it's basically the same chord pattern all the way through (and it's weird that the first time through the bridge it's the same chord all the way through, then the second time through it reverts to the same pattern as the rest of the song). I think I'd like it more if the bridge part involved a couple of chords that weren't in the rest of the song at all.

But nice simple lyrics, good message.

Thanks Charles,
When I first wrote the song basically it had the same chord riff all the way through...but then I thought ‘Charles will probably mention that’ (that’s a positive thing i.e. it makes me look again at a song and not be lazy!)

So, I did try messing about with some other chords but the song seemed to start shifting too far away from its original feel. In the end I stripped out the 2nd and 4th chord in the riff for the verses and used one chord for the 1st time through the bridge and then into the main riff 2nd time for some dynamic shift...



So, Joe, I do need to pick out a special music song for next Sunday... you mind if I do a couple little tweaks to this and then test fly it on Sunday, post back a recording of what we do?  Lyrical tweaks would be minimal, main thing would be trying out some chord variations on the bridge...

Hi Charles, Go for it...I look forward to hearing it... cheers, joe

CCLI number is 7130742

Thank you.  I've started doing a demo recording, but I've been having some problems getting a good recording (guitars not sounding good / in tune, and I may be working in too low a key), so it won't be this Sunday, but soon-ish, I think...


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