Have you got a CD or perhaps a recording of one of your worship session? Do you want to get out there and heard? Eternal Radio features music by its members every Friday night at 7.45pm in Friday Nite is Your Music Nite! Listen in tonight you will be amazed at the quality of the worship leaders featured. If you would like ago yourself join up and drop us a line. Once you are a member of Eternal Radio the only rules are that the music must point to God and be the work of an unsigned artist. Each week we will select 4 or 5 artists/worship leaders and feature them on the radio!


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Hey Guys....This slipped right by most of us....It even 'slipped by me'......I guess I thought I was on another forum when I saw Stephen's name. 'Eternal radio' is a great place to hear wonderful music of praise and worship. Stephen does a lot of contempory music, and I have heard some fabulous gospel music and some great special events. He is based in the UK....so he also hosts some wonderful music that is a real treat if any of you other 'Yanks'....like to hear really good music that you have not heard before. And the really Cool thing......It is ALL for the glory of our Lord. I hightly recommend that you try tuning in 'accross the pond'. And how cool could it be????? He is offering to broadcast your songs that you wrote for the God and Lord who you love. I don't know about you guys, but I am going to send a few mp3's his way.....maybe one of them could touch someone thousands of miles away....and be used for what I wrote them for in the first place.....For the Glory of our Lord. Peace. Robert
Stephen....Here is something I have just recently been working on.....it is very short, and very 'raw'.......but you might have a 30 second spot empty somwhere for something.....uh, unusual.....Ha Ha. I got more....


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