My name is Carl.  I live in Redding California and want to start a Christian blues band (HeavenBound Blues Band).  I have played blues harmonica in a secular band but am on a spiritual path now and the bar scene is not for me anymore.  I have been lead to start a worship blues band to minister to the Rescue Mission, local churches and where ever the Lord opens doors.  I really need a lead singer/guitar player to get started.  No luck yet.  Any references, advise or prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Meanwhile I'm searching wating, and praying.  Do you know anybody in northern California, have words of encouragement or advise?



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That's great!

(...but I live down in LA....oh, well...)
We have a local blues band down here in Tasmania Australia called "Soul Revival", which started with one guy ( guitarist). He contacted all the local church pastors asking for prayer ( not directly asking for band members). There is now four in the band now ( from four different churches btw) and they play regularly for the local bikers and City Mission events each month.

Slow beginings though, so stay focus and keep placing prayer requests to keep the local churches up to date for the month ahead.
Here is their latest prayer request:-

Prayer and Praise points
Connections in unexpected ways.
God’s continuing provision.
Enjoyment and co-operation within the band.
Wisdom and discernment when talking with an audience or individual
Discernment in the selection of material we play
Continuing good health.
The sound gear --- reliability.
Break through with Prison auorthorities
News`from grant to record a cd
Completion of DVD
To listen to the direction of God Micha 6 v8

Anyway, all the best and I support you in prayer from Downunder lol.

Thanks for your words of encouragement and for your prayers. I will hang on to my calling and not give up. Do you have any music on the web? Do you ever listen to If not, you should check it out. There are some prety good artists and songs there. Well I've gotta go. Happy Thanksgiving to you and God Bless.

Yea! May the Lord bless you and the new band with abundant opportunities to bring forth the Kingdom of God wherever you go! My best advice is simply to wait upon the Lord to bring you the right people. That's not saying not to audition folks or put up an ad on Craigslist and elsewhere, but more in the line of saying not to bring on the wrong people for the sake of filling up the positions. Trust your gut, eg., the Holy Spirit, if someone doesn't "feel right". That even applies to people that may be really skillful on their instrument, but you can't put your finger on why you're not connecting with them. That's happened to our band as we're in the auditioning process, and it's ok. I think it's discernment. And remember your timing is not His timing, so be patient and seek His face and He will bring it all together. Also, I would suggest hanging out at any local Christian coffee houses, and doing open mic's. You meet a lot of other like-minded musicians that way, and it's great for networking. :-)
Wow, close to my heart. I played in a blues band for about three years that has been an established band since1988. Hear is the thing, I don't know what kind of blues you want to play but try and stay authentic (Texas, Delta, Chicago etc). The band I was in was good but it was to far to the rock side and places to play are rare and people don't listen. But authentic blues is timeless. When we played the real blues stuff they would listen. Praying that God brings you the right people. Go to myspace and type in RUBLUES under people for an example of what I was talking about. God bless


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