Calling all brothers and sisters from around the world! I am working on a new album cover and I would like to use 'We Are One' in lots of different languages. The list below is from Google translate but I want to check how good the translation actually is.

If you know something is correct or incorrect please post and let me know.

Just in case there are multiple ways of saying 'We Are One' each with slightly different connotations please have a listen to what will be the title track.

& finally in case you were wondering the album will be a free download.

Thank you for your help.


Wir sind einer - German

Somos Uno- Spanish

Ons is een- Afrikaans

Är vi en – Swedish

Nous sommes l'une – French

Wij zijn Éen – Dutch

Мы одны – Russian

Jesteśmy jednym – Polish

Mi smo jedna – Croatian

ਸਾਨੂੰ ਇੱਕ ਹੋ – Punjabi

Me olemme yhtä – Finnish

Vi Er Ett – Norwegian

Ydym Ni Un – Welsh

Sisi ni moja – Swahili

Jsme jeden – Czech

ونحن واحدة Arabic

Είμαστε ένας – Greek

ہم ایک ہیں- Urdu

เราเป็นหนึ่งใน – Thai

Mēs esam viens –Latvian

Somos Um – Portuguese

Suntem una- Romanian

Aħna huma Wieħed – Maltese

Við erum eitt – Icelandic

Siamo uno - Italian

Simunye- Zulu

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Hi joe. I´m from Portugal and the title in portuguese is correct - somos um.

If you need help in translate the song from english to portuguese, say something, we can help in this job, and I have some experience in this.

The best for you and your work.

Thank you for your help! It would be amazing to have the song in Portuguese although I wouldn't be able to sing it!

Hi again... ok, I know, portuguese is not a very easy language... I see in you profile and I see you are from england. I belong and I´m the leader of a worship band here in Portugal. We are in the begining but at this time we have much work to do. One of our future project is to go to England, to participate in one event to see what is the secret you have to do something, because in Portugal at this time is very dificult to make events, specially with young people... We are thinking in something like big church day out, but now I see in your web page you have the Alive festival. Are you preparing something like that for the next year? Another question... have you travel in the past to Portugal? Because we are thinking in make a event in the next year and we like to invite a group outside to Portugal...

Unfortunately organising events like Big Church Day Out requires big names to draw in the crowds and you need money to get them there. The Alive Festival attracts more people in the 40plus age bracket as opposed to young people and is organised by one of the local Churches. They are taking a break from it next year to consider its future (it's been running each year for about 6years).

The best thing to do is start playing at other Churches unless your Church is big enough to organise its own conference or festival, perhaps even joining together with other local Churches.


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