Help - I can't find the icon on My Page for adding events . . . I've been to the All Events link but I must be missing the icon for adding a new event. It's not listed in the drop down menu for "Quick Add" either.



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Good point, Patti. I can't find a place to add events either, although I can respond to the existing ones.
Hi Patti,

This is a bug with the site - i'm waiting for it to be fixed. In the meantime you should be able to use this link:

Hope that helps!

Phil, I couldn't get anywhere with that link - it just took me to the listing of all events, but I still didn't see any icon or menu for adding a new event . . .

There used to be something on the site for that feature, since I have an old event there from last month, it just seems to be missing now . . .

Thanks for trying, I'll keep an eye open for when it gets fixed :)
Hi Patti - looks like I had switched off the ability for members to add events somehow! It's now been re-enabled so you should be able to either click that link, use the 'Quick Add' drop down box in the top right or go to events and click 'Add an Event'. Let me know if it doesn't work.


Thank you for fixing this Phil. I'm just relieved I'm not losing my mind since I knew I had added events in the past!


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