We'll take their money with little restriction, but put limits on how they can use their talents. Why?

We'll take their money, and if they are especially gifted by God with lots of money and want to give that money to us, we'll take as much of it as they want to give.

However, the same isn't true for talent.  If they are especially gifted by God with lots of talent and they want to give us that talent, we worry about whether or not others will be offended by their talent and limit what they can give.

How can this be considered OK?

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That is very weird. Why would you be allowed to preach if you weren't a member? Did you become one?

Generally speaking (except for the exceptions Stevo mentions) we can take the money and do what we want with it. But the talent comes with restrictions...for some reason those pesky musicians and such actually want a say in how they use their gifts.


Musicians are a pesky lot. They need to be restricted lest their ideals become reality... (This had to have been said by someone famous, I just don't know who.)
I'm sure it was a member of a former congregation I was part of...

Agree with most of this.


With musical talent in the local church, it is often a matter of spiritual and interpersonal "Fit". After all, talent comes with personality and character, and most who start in music ministry find theirs growing with their talent over time (as well as the anointing).


But we all have met divas whose talents go way beyond their character...as well as the outwardly "humble" types who think themselves spiritual/musical legends in their own minds...

Just to clarify, most of my reply(s) have been tongue in cheek. It is very true that most artists have to be "handled" well; giving some of them free rein could be scary at best and disastrous at worst.


Maybe the real question here is, why do we let money talk so freely? I've not seen people stuffing cash into my pastor's hands as a bribe, but I have seen members threaten to withold their tithe if things don't go their way. For me, the moment someone makes that threat is the moment you show them the door.


It's money you don't really need...or want.

But we all have met divas whose talents go way beyond their character...as well as the outwardly "humble" types who think themselves spiritual/musical legends in their own minds...


You're right.  In my opinion, a talented person knows how to fit in.  They know what to play and when not to play it.  Furthermore, if they have talent, but not heart or maturity, it is our responsibilities as elders in the church (in Peter's use of the word, which is older folk) to help mature them so that they can serve and serve well.

A great reply was deleted.  I'll quote part of it:


"My understanding of the post is that "money" seems to be the influnencer of many."


This is a great observation because I have seen many churches NOT allow certain ministries to flourish because somebody who is a known big donor threatens to revoke their gift.  

Amen! I've seen it too and it's a poison.

Gotta relate an old Jerry Clower joke, even if I'm messing up some of the details:


The church board met to discuss various things and one thing came up, the new chandelier.  At that time, Uncle Marcel (?) who was known to get his way most of the time, spoke up and said, "I don't know why we're talking about spending all this money on a chandelier. First thing is, it's too much money. Second, if we do buy it, who will put it in? But worst of all, even if we do get it installed, ain't nobody around here knows how to play it?"

  Yea, I don't know how my post got deleted. I think I read it after I posted it and then decided to edit a mispelled word. The repost didn't work maybe. I don't know but I know in my church that people put money in my Pastor's hands (the Holy Ghost hand shake, hah) on many occasions. One particualr person bought my Pastor a brand new Sierra truck. Nice! Could this be an influence?

  I on the other hand look for people in need to give to. There was this false doctrine that went around a few years back about "blessing the blessed", which pretty much stated if you gave to a blessed man God would give you more in return than giving to the poor.


That's one strange doctrine.


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