No doubt everyone is starting to plan for the upcoming big Easter weekend services! Whether you haven't started yet, are fresh into it, or wrapping up final details... please share with everyone else what the main worship songs are that you'll be incorporating this year. This always helps others to become aware some great songs that they may not have otherwise been familiar with. So... go ahead... :)

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We have a song called "He Rose" which is from our (Methodist) hymnal - to me, it is pretty obviously to the same beat and melody as "Aiko Aiko," although it loses a lot being notated as a hymn.  We've been doing it for several years now, it always comes back around at Easter.  At least one of the band members wishes we'd give it a rest, but it is something of a crowd pleaser.  Will try to put it back in storage sooner after Easter this year than we did last time.

"Lord I Lift Your Name On High" usually comes back for the Easter season, as our benediction song.

We did Lauren Daigle's "Come Alive (Dry Bones)" as a special music (offertory) last week or the week before, but I'm still deciding if that one will work as a congregational song.  I'm also considering Robin Mark's "Revival" (trimming it down a little bit to make it a little less "edgy," we're an older congregation).

As Easter is just about here, hopefully everyone has all planing done and is wrapping up final details and rehearsals. Right? :)

Well, not much discussion on this particular thread yet... but let's hear what everyone has going in your Easter plans!


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