What are your favorite and suggested apps that you use while leading worship or playing in your worship band?

Personally, I love and use OnSong for the iPad. I've used it since the very first iPad release! No more paper binders for me. :) It has so many awesome features and I'm not sure how I used to lead without it. If I have my iPad, I have access to all of my worship charts and it's so much easier to transport than that big ol' binder! haha

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I really love the app "Anytune".
I use it lots for practicing songs we do at our church because I can take a song (that I have downloaded to my IPad) and put it in different keys, do loops etc.
It has made practicing so much more enjoyable and productive.
I need to look into Onsong. Thnx

Their website is http://www.onsongapp.com. Our parent company WorshipReady.com is integrated into the app so subscribers can import chord charts straight into the app... which are guaranteed accurate too. OnSong isn't our own app, but we love, use it and always tell everyone about it! Check it out for sure.

Terry Alexander said:

I need to look into Onsong. Thnx

Has anyone tried forScore? If so, what's your preference between this and onSong?

I have not. Is it on iOS or Android?

I really like the app called MySongbook on my iPad. Once songs are entered you can easily transpose keys. You can create set lists and email the set to other team members, name the set list and once in the list easily swipe the screen to move to the next song. It has a great auto scroll feature and a visual tempo flash to help keep time in rehearsals. It also links to the song in my iTunes library so if you can't remember how a song goes or the starting riff you can quickly  isten to it.

I'm not an Apple user, but I bought a $99 tablet (Android) and I have been using an app called Setlist Helper. I download charts from Song Select, load them into Setlist Helper, sync it to my Blue Turn (IK Multimedia) pedal and it works beautifully. Every musician who sees me use it says "I gotta get one of those".



I love and use Worshipsong Band it's not the most popular yet but has been around for years constantly improves. It's great for running tracks live. Some some great features such as chord & lyric charts, lyric projection, set list, transpose, midi out, cloud sharing with team members.


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