Good DAY every one ,i am a drummer,with the ability to sing and play drums,i have often led the congregation in songs i have written,by sitting behind the kit THAN being in the front,is it important as i have the gift of exhortation,i would like other musicians views on this topic,as i believe we are all to be obedient to ones call.Does one really need to be face to face with the congregation,or would the anointing on ones life to do this be sufficient.

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...It worked for Phil Collins. ;)

Actually, I've been drumming (out of necessity) at our church for several years now, and recently felt called to start up an Alternative Worship Team/Service. We have a couple other drummers in the building, but, uh, well...Anyways, we needed a "studio" quality drummer for the music I have in mind, and we didn't have one. The suggestion came up a few times for me to pull a "Phil Collins" and lead from the drums...Now, I'm a "musician", not a "drummer"...The only reason I'm passable on the drums is because I try very hard to flow right behind the leader...For me to try to "multitask" from the drums would have been abysmal, to say the least.

Well, things are still in motion, but it appears like an early-20's drummer (who was apparently offered a Studio position at 16) has come onto the scene, and may be interested and available!

IF you have the skill necessary to be able to lead a group - and a congregation - from the kit, more power to you. I don't think it matters what position leads worship, as long as you're able to communicate your needs to the team and lead fluidly.

Good luck, either way!

GREAT advice,and you are right Phil Collins,does a good job as a vocalist and drummer.
be BLESSED .LUIS would you be my friend.
There are people who have led bands while playing the drums. It would sure be a nice change too. I say go for it. The most important thing - be sensitive to the Spirit in your life (not just Sunday). Let Him be the One to show you how to be a leader in worship. Unfortunately we are becoming a people who are becoming sensory (because of TV, Videos, etc.) You still are face to face with the congregation but just a little more in the back. The Bassist should be right beside you and the guitar can be off to the other side with the keyboard. Background vocals can be more in front but just not right in front of you. Hope this helps.
THANKS for the reply,i would like to say that you are right,and this is the most important thing for us as Christians,to be Christians everyday not only Sundays,
GOD BLESS,would you be my friend.
I would think this could work; I would set up the stage so that the drummer is "out front," so that the congregation and band can see the person they're taking cues from (when to start singing, etc.). Sitting at the kit, but in a prominent position on stage. If you're going to be the main worship leader then, yeah, I think that needs to be visually obvious to the congregation.

I would think that cues to the band might be less of a problem for a drummer, since they can use one hand to give hand signals without having to stop playing entirely.

My other concern would be that drum sounds leaking into the vocal mic could be a problem, this would certainly seem like a good reason to use one of those headset mics.

THANKS CHARLES,great input,you are a blessing,and have much wisdom,straight from the heart,i will speak to you again on another topic
Of course I can easily say yes because I play drums and I can also sing. I think I would have a hard time singing and playing a busy drum part though. I also play bass. I actually think it is easier to sing along while playing drums than bass. This is because when I play bass, my mind is thinking of the notes played on the bass so my mind has a hard time thinking of the melody. While playing drums, the concept of notes goes away making it easier to think of the melody for singing. However, all that being said, I doubt I could lead worship behind the drums. It takes more than just singing. If you can play drums so well that you can play them without even thinking and you can concentrate on leading then more power to you.

The awkward thing about leading with drums more than anything is because there is a pile of hardware between you and the congregation. The typical location for the drum set is in the back. If you use a drum shield that's even worse.

Go for it - just 'cos it's easier from guitar or keys doesn't mean we have to do it that way!
I don't have a problem with it. My brother-n-law is a former praise and worship leader, but the current one doesn't like when he leads from the drums. I don't understand. I think that all the other vocalists that are up front could be leading by example. We are all leaders!
Great input John, I had no idea there were so many!

Heck, if anyone has a problem with it, I have (only once) seen a guy lead from the drums, but with a "lead vocalist" following his lead, acting as a traditional leader. The drummer wasn't singing, but he had a "talkback" mic and was completely directing the team. I know this isn't what you have in mind, but something similar (but with you singing) could work, if there are issues.
THANKS for all the advice,as a drummer,in a band is usually,the time keeper,and this is very important as you do not want to slow down or speed up in tempo,the reason i asked this question, is that some times in the church we have a strict format of rules, and regulations, which could suppress, the full potential of who we are,in other words i believe we are supposed to use that which GOD has given us to our full potential for HIS glory,the idea is not unfamiliar to me as i do sing often, and play the drums,at times i can feel the Holy Spirit wanting to go in a certain direction,and being sensitive,i can steer this as i am in the driving seat of the tempo and the rhythm,and my heart is directed by the flow of things. Any way you have all been honest and given me great input.
HI JOHN ,I see you are from the school, and the way the musicians did things then are really amazing,very gifted drummers the ones you have mentioned.
BE MY FRIEND''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''


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