Please take a minute and let us know what your set list looks like for this coming weekend! It's a great way for other worship leaders to get an idea of what others are doing and also get familiar with some songs that they may not be familiar with.

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Okay, here's TMI about our setlist this week:

opening set: Assemble the Faithful, Open Up the Heavens -> King of Heaven; (upbeat songs)
before sermon: Dwell With You; (slow)
after sermon: Wholeheartedly; (slow)
offering: WBYGN (if All Saints) or Faithful;
communion: Still;
outro: WBYGN reprise with slides or Walk Out Into the World; (

"Assemble the Faithful," "Dwell With You," "Wholeheartedly," and "Walk Out Into the World" are all originals (we don't usually have four originals the same week, but we haven't had many for the past couple weeks. 

"WBYGN" is a song called "We Bid You Good Night" which is an old Ira Sankey hymn, as performed by native musicians in the Caribbean, as interpreted by the Grateful Dead.  Whenever somebody from our congregation passes away, we put together a little slide show and then the band sings this as the closing song for the week.  This week is "All Saints," so we have a slide show of all the people in our church or related to / close friends of - who passed away in the last year.  I am not yet sure when during the service we're going to do that bit, so that's why there are some options in the setlist.  If it's not during the offering then we'll do Sarah Reeves' "Faithful" there.  For our closing song, we might sing it again and run the slide show again, or we might sing "Walk Out Into the World."

The little arrow between the second and third songs means that we're going to attempt to segue from one into the other (they're both in D the way we do them).

We are a United Methodist Church, so we have a pretty consistent structure week to week.  We got a new pastor last July (the denomination moves them around) and we haven't yet worked out a service order that gets us out in an hour, and we'll probably run long this week (but the last five weeks, we cut back on number & length of our songs so that the pastor could be in "Children's Choir" practice, but that's done and I'm just gonna let it run however long it runs, and if she wants to work something out for future weeks, she can bring it up.  We still might cut that first song, because it's also the start of stewardship season and the three-minute stewardship talk will probably run about seven minutes, and we also have the All Saints slide show.  I have a mild case of Asperger's which means that I go a little nuts when we have a plan and don't stick to it, but I've been able to talk myself into dropping / shortening some songs "on the fly" lately by convincing myself it's important to be done by ten.

The song during communion (which we do every week) is done by just the band; the singers sing until the congregation has been served and then the instruments play a little more until it's our turn.  The song we're doing this week was written by a WtR member (although he wrote it before WtR existed) who is now "Done" with the church, but it's a nice song and I was able to get in touch and he said it was okay to keep using it.

Here's the hymn that WBYGN is based on, and there are several youtube videos of the Grateful Dead's version...

So the service went pretty well this morning; we decided during warmups that trying to segue from OUTH into KOH wasn't going to work, it involved slowing down the tempo and we weren't getting it.  So we made two separate songs out of it... we did the All Saints pictures during the offering with WBYGN and then "Walk Out Into the World" for our outro song.  There wasn't a separate stewardship talk, the pastor is just doing three sermons on stewardship and we were done by 10:01, so I was happy.  And my guitar stayed in tune and the sound guy showed up and we had somebody running the MediaShout slides who knows what he's doing, So I didn't have nine extra things to worry about while the service was going on.  "Any worship service you walk away from was a good worship service," and we all walked away safely from this one :-)

Glad all went well Charles! I agree... instruments in tune, sound guy in place, media person that helps more than hinders... all extremely helpful things. :)

Setlist for 11/13 was opening set: Rock of Ages, Diamonds, Yours Will Be; before:Be With Me; after: Good Good Father; offering: Word of God Speak; communion: Step By Step; outro: Walk Out Into the World.  There was a fly circling and landing on my vocal mic pretty much the whole service, and then later on, for one of the songs, the PA was off for the first minute or so of the song, so I overcompensated and sang too loud and ripped myself out for the rest of the morning.  "Be With Me" is one of our WtR songs, from Joe Aiken.

Setlist for 11/20 is opening set: Your Presence in the World, I Will Trust In You, Awesome God; before: Forever; after: Take Me Away; offering: Faithful; communion: Breathe; outro: Walk Out Into the World.  I think I'll be doing the lead vocals again this week, so maybe I'll spray my mic with Raid before we start.  "Awesome God" is the Vicky Beeching song, not the Rich Mullins song, but let's not get in a fight about that, okay?  "Take Me Away" is by Joshua Halls, also from WtR.  We seem to be getting into a routine (but not a rule) of doing a short, slower song before the sermon and then a slow 3/4 song afterwards.  YPIW, Forever, and WOIW are mine, and "Faithful" is a sort of obscure Sarah Reeves song, there's one youtube video of it and the last time I looked, CCLI didn't even know about it.

So, yeah, we don't do a lot of the popular new worship songs that are all over the Christian radio stations, but I don't know that a lot of our congregation listens to the CRSs.

Maybe also noteworthy, with our new pastor and new choir director, our traditional service music has changed direction a bit.  We used to do almost all things from the hymnal, but we now seem to be doing almost everything from a book the Methodist Church put out called "The Faith We Sing."  I, umm, do not care for TFWS at all, but I just mention this to say that the music in our traditional service seems to have taken a significant turn lately and nobody seems to be objecting...

Set list for last Sunday was: Forever - All who are thirsty - Come (Verticle worship) - Holy Spirit (Jobe) - For Your name is holy (Paul Wilbur). "All who are thirsty" just didn't work. Suggest a replacement for this list, like No sweeter name.

This Sunday, going with these: Deep Cries Out - In the River - Glory to the King - Praises (be lifted up) - can't recall the last one??? 


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