What are your top three favorite non-standard time (not 4/4) worship songs?

Thought I'd see what kind of variety is out there. Let's point out the good 3/4, 6/8, etc. worship songs.

My list:
1) Here In Your Presence - Jon Egan (3/4)
2) Song of Ezekiel - Brian Ming & Kristen Ming (6/8)
3) Be Unto Your Name - Lynn DeShazo & Gary Sadler (3/4)

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Well, I'm a big fan of Robin Mark and his celtic stuff...but can only think of two songs at the moment:
1) The Lion of Judah 6/8
2) Jesus is Everything 6/8 - one of my own songs that is loved in our church
Rick, I just got Robin Mark's new CD "Year of Grace" - verrrrrrry good!!!!!
try my one desire (robin mark-ish). our church loves it! mp3 is cheesy-level quality, and without celtic instrumentation, but idea how song goes. lead sheets at www.myonedesire.ca.
1) Closer - Charlie Hall
2) Micah 6:8 - Charlie Hall
3) Outstretched Hands - Starfield
Does Indescribable count? I think it's either 6/8. 12/8, or some kind of 4/4 shuffle...
I'm pretty sure it's 6/8. The verse certainly feels that way in my head.
On a kinda funny 6/8 side-note, anyone ever done "Amazing Grace" to the tune of "House of The Rising Sun"? I kinda like it, but would be hesitant to do it that way at church.
but I think Grace like Rain is a 4/4 beat, if I'm not mistaken...really like it, though!
I'm glad "Grace like Rain" was brought up. I discovered the band Plumbline, who covers it. I'm kinda digging them (did "dig" ever come back as a hip word? or "hip" for that matter. lol).
That is an incredible thought! I started humming it, and you're right! but yes - I would be hesitant to do it at a church service! Maybe during rehearsal... :-)
We've done Amazing Grace to the tune of House of the Rising Sun at our church and have had mostly good response, only one objection that I know of. Personally not that "struck" on it.


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