I was wondering what you do with your printed copies of chord charts, printed music, lyrics etc.  Do you keep a file on each song?  Everything on a computer file? Do you even use charts? Thanks!

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I keep a master binder with copies of each song for myself, but I also have them up on the church website on a music resource page in pdf format. Then the band members can download their own copies when they need them. I've stopped keeping seperate hard copies for each member.
Good system!
love it, love it, love it...need to be responsible for bringing your own copies! :)
Personally, I keep every unique scrap of music (plus old floppies full of Encore scores). This is partly because I came to a church that had those spiral books with microscopic chord symbols, plus I could see a developing Wall-E world of spiral books in great mounds on the Platform. We used 2 1/2" binders containing every song -- each binder was the personal responsibility of its possessor.

How to handle the proliferation of sheets of music is a never-ending question. My successor didn't like the thing of people saying "my book doesn't have this!" just as we were to start rehearsing (the danger of books), so he started copying everything from his own master. The upside -- everyone had exactly the same music. The downside (besides helping to deplete the forests) was that this meant all of your penciled-in marks from last week were GONE! So either way you can have missing music or missing instructions.

A group so competent and dedicated to really memorizing their music that they wouldn't have to use charts -- wow! (well, we did a lot of altar services -- oldies and easy choruses -- without charts, just going from song to song with a nod).

The availability of CCLI charts has changed this picture somewhat, and will continue to as technology develops - particularly if digital iStands with memories become accesible to congregations who don't have Donald Trump among their parishoners.
But all in all, no want wants to lose charts that you spent from midnight to 2 a.m. clawing off a fuzzy YouTube rendition for a team member who really, really needed to have this sung that week. Save 'em!
Even now that I have a different type of ministry (accompanying at the local high school), I still have the whole collection in banker's boxes in my garage, including the inexes and cross-references. You never kinow when you will need a song.

As long as my wife tolerates this excess, I remain:
The Happy Pack Rat of the North!
CCLI charts are nicely done, but we almost never follow them exactly in that we usually do an extra chorus or don't sing every verse or whatever. You know the drill...
We have a library of printed copies at church and re-use them every Sunday. Every member also has soft copies of all the chord charts and references them for personal practice.
The guy that succeeded me was both a youth pastor and organizational genius, so he immediately made a library, gave me the books and got an army of teenagers to do the organizational gruntwork. Works great, and they're learning discipleship!
Is there a way to upload pdfs of original sheet music to your personal page to share with others?
I don't see a way to do it, Heather. How does your church handle its printed charts?
Our team uses Planning Center, and it works quite well. Your team can print the music they need from it after you put the songs in. You can put in both lead sheets and chord charts. Each team member signs up for their account online and puts in their personal info. They can also listen to the worship set list for practice (it's mp3 format), download the songs to their IPOD or whatever device they may have and block out dates that they can't sing/play (handy for you to keep track of for future scheduling!!). You can put the order of service with the time as well. It also stores personal data/info for contacting each member of the team if your folks want to 'talk' to each other..lol I keep a 'master list' in a binder in alphabetical order (with sheet protectors...lol my sooo typical type A in some ways..) for myself. That way I can just scan them into the program for future use again. Hope that helps! Rock out and have fun! This way the team is responsible for printing out their own music and keeping their own binders if they choose to have one.
Similar to others, I keep a master set of binders with all the songs in alphabetical order using sheet protectors. I have a filing cabinet at the church that I keep all the copies we make for the music stands. If people want to put their name on them then they will get their same copy back next time we play the song. That way they get their markings back too. I also have all the chord charts, lead sheets, and on the harder songs, the full score in PDF format in a private area of our Praise Team website. The private area of the site also has MP3 files of different renditions of the songs done by different artists as well as links to youtube clips as needed showing the songs being performed. I and a helper from the team arrive a little early to rehearsals to get the music sorted out an on the stands. After the Sunday service a few others from the team have taken it upon themselves to refile the music before we leave. Generally while I'm caught socializing, connecting with, and answering questions with different people from the congregation. Seems to work well for us.
I confess that I am a terrible tree killer!! My computer stores all my charts in multiple keys and I print copies for every service and every band member and usually discard them unless the band member takes them home. Once in a while I am doing a service at one church in the morning and another at another church in the evening and I try to plan a similar set and re- use the morning copies for the evening.
Here is my excuse. I am itinerate worship leader with no set band so other than me collecting all the copies and filing them away to re use them it would be very difficult to ask these band members to keep their own copies and re use them. Ideally if I were the worship pastor at one church , I would ask each band member to keep a binder with their charts with any notes they may have made on the charts in that binder so that when we go to do a song it is at their immediate disposal. Maybe someday...


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