People need to know the words so what media format do you use ie do you use books, OHP (overhead projector) computer & projector or from memory.

If Computer what software do you use and how does it enhance worship?
If song books what books do you use?

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We Use Computer and Projector, We have an Easyworship setup which is good for words to song, Scripture (we have NIV & the Message installed on it) and it can import powerpoint slides, DVD's, movie clips, pictures & live feeds. I feel it is ideal for worship as it frees people's hands up for worship either raising their hands, clapping, or putting in their pockets if that's what they want to do. what are other people's thoughts on this?
In our Church computers and projectors are used and sometimes short DVD,movies,any clips from some area problems all.I too feel good this type of worship because they all can pray freely...even me also while holding book we cant clap when needed but with projectors we can clap and freely worship Lord.Praise the Lord.
Right now we just have a little projector and laptop, and powerpoint! and point it at a white wall, lol. At some point I want to update the church's presentation but our sanctuary makes that a little tricky. The roof was designed for the acoustics so someone could talk in the center of the room and by heard loud enough without a microphone... (the sound issues this created were just awful! lol). So putting projectors up, and screens is going to take some creative designing. Another issue is that my church still has an 8:00 traditional service. It is small, and I'd guess in about 10 ears there won't be enough people alive anymore to support it, but they threw an absolute fit when the church first put in a sound system for the contemporary services. Now, any change to the sanctuary comes with great risk of attack by walkers and canes.
However, my hope is, (in the long term goals) is that the church wants to build a bigger sanctuary (as with the exception of the traditional service, the two contemporary services are pretty packed). I made a vow that if the sanctuary is built while I'm at this church, I shall do everything in my power to have it designed for good presentation use, lighting, and sound... heh heh.
Hi, We have just started to replace our OHP's with computer software, there is some really good software out there if you got and have a look they have some free software which is great, It already has loads of songs in its database and is very easy to use.
I hope this helps.
Be Blessed.
Dave <>/body>
I love open song. Its a great piece of software and it's free!.... I've added a ton of songs to the Database and many backgrounds. If you cant afford something like Media Shout, then Oepn song is the way to go. We also incorporate videos from different sources. is a great resource also.
OKay I just switched is to Easy Worship.... Its a very good presentation software.. You can seamlessly incorporate Videos' DVD clips, Background art, and Power Point presentations without having to switch to a specific application or external device.
I think Easy Worship is the best on the market..... I took a look at open song as a friend's church uses it and it was ok if not a little awkward. but was ok seeing at is free software. I like Easy worship as you get free upgrades too, :)
Right now we are using the overhead projector and transparencies but will eventually upgrade when we build a new sanctuary in the future.
We use easyworship. Like Frank said, it can incorporate just about anything into it.. the only thing we have trouble with is older DVD clips.. for some reason putting those in gives us trouble..
In general though, it's been a great step up from powerpoint.

For computer software
we use onlineplanningcenter. It's amazing for scheduling, song charts, and worship orders... I think it may have been expensive though..
worth it..I think!
We are using a projector now but it is a fairly recent change. My only hesitation to wholeheartedly embrace it (and I love gadgets) is the level of skill to operate it effectively. The OHP was simple, everyone could use it and the worst that would happen was a sheet put on the wrong way round. Normally one of the kids would do it. I wouldn't say it enhances our worship, but the projector gives more opportunity for teaching aids.
that is the good thing about OHP's but as you said you have more opportunities for teaching aids and show DVD's etc. what we do at our fellowship is we have a team of people who are willing to give up some free time and I do a training session on Easy Worship software we use and if anyone wants to join the team, I get them to sit with me when it is my turn on the rota to do it and I give them a quick overveiw how to use it etc and let them see me use it. Then when they want to do it. I will sit with them and go over the basics again and sit with them for 2-4 times until they get confidence to do it themselves. I find alot of the young people at my church pick it up easier than alot of the adults do.

if anyone wants training in the north of england I will gladly come along and show you how to use Easy Worship. (Travel expenses would have to be paid and some lunch laid on but no other fees for my time, unless someone wants to give me a cash gift).
We've been using a laptop & data projector for some time now. It has the advantage of being able to project not only words of songs but also play video clips and record the sermons. The down side is that it needs me to be organised in letting the person putting the PowerPoint presentation together know well in advance which songs we are doing so I can't suddenly include another song 'on the fly'. It also needs someone who is reasonably computer literate to run it. Also Microsoft have thrown a spanner in the works by introducing Windows Vista and its associated 'new' version of PowerPoint which are both really confusing for anyone who is used to Windows from '95' to 'XP' !!!!


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