People need to know the words so what media format do you use ie do you use books, OHP (overhead projector) computer & projector or from memory.

If Computer what software do you use and how does it enhance worship?
If song books what books do you use?

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that is the good thing about Easy Worship software you can put songs on the fly (as long as the lead musician tells you (I can get it up in about 10 seconds - as long as it is in the database it can be called up pretty easy). it also helps knowing the songs to be able to retreive asong so quickly tho
Hi Tim

arrgghh I haven to agree with you on windows vista upgrades,,trying to find the menu's and functions in the new word compared to 2000/xp is a headache, those new toolbars are a nightmare.. Powerpoint isn't too bad, but yes you pretty much have to re-learn the programmes if your used to the old ones.
We use the Chyron system with ceiling-mounted video projectors and 2 10x10 foot screens for the congregation. We also have flat screen monitors at the edge of the stage for the worship team. We only use the lower 3rd section of the screen for lyrics, so that the cameras can still shoot the band and worship team & they can be seen at the same time. I require the worship team to memorize the lyrics so that they can fully concentrate on the worship experience. But it's nice to have the on-stage monitors, just in case:)
We used computer/projector with PowerPoint for years and the Youth inherited it when we built the new Gymnatorium. Now we have a 3-screen projection with MediaShout.

We keep the hymnals around (but not in the seats) for hymns sings (which are well attended for us!).

But nothing gave me the flexibility for repeats and skip-to's that the overhead projector did!
just curious, do you have the same thing projected on all three screens??
Yeah, I don't know if MediaShout (or other software) lets you project two different things, but I've long thought that if you could project words and chords on the back wall so the band could see it, you could get rid of music stands, get the band and singers looking more at the congregation. Of course, you'd have to have really good synchronization between the WL and the projectionist, 'cause if the bridge gets projected when the leader wanted to do another chorus, the band is lost...

Why does the band have to be led by the projectionist?
The band can use their own system, like Power Music, and control it themselves - that's what we do.
The projectionist can concentrate on getting the correct words displayed (using whatever system they use) by following the worship leader and the band can see what they should be playing on their own flat screen monitors.

The worship leader leads, not the projectionist.
I agree... our worship leader leads and the person controlling the words via a OHP or computerbased system puts what ever verse is being sung. with Easy worship this is just a mouse click to put different vers/chorus/bridge etc.... you can get some system where a worship leader can change the words themselves but is more difficult when they are playing another instrument (which most of our worship leaders do)
We have our tech crew at each rehearsal to make sure that all slides are in the correct order. If we want contingencies, we announce to them ahead of time what the possibilities can be. Media shout can be pretty flexible that way, too.
Actually, the computer blends them into one large projection (20+ feet). We also have a projection to the back wall as well.
We use a couple panosonic overheads for the front and a dell overhead for the back. We use mediashout for the presentation software.
We use MediaShout currently with a single projector hung form the ceiling. Someone in the congregation is donating a new Mac Pro dual processor/8 core machine so we will likely be switching over to ProPresenter. MediaShout has worked well for us but it is complicated to learn and is a little unstable sometimes. But overall it does a great job. ProPresenter is what I've seen used at most of the medium and large Christian concerts I've attended and it's affordable and has good reviews. If anyone has had any experience with ProPresenter I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.


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