People need to know the words so what media format do you use ie do you use books, OHP (overhead projector) computer & projector or from memory.

If Computer what software do you use and how does it enhance worship?
If song books what books do you use?

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We have a ceiling mounted projector that is wirelessly connected to our computer in the soundroom. We also have a flatscreen monitor on the back wall for the singers to use if necessary. We use powerpoint and that suits us just fine since we do not do alot of motion backgrounds and such. I use a remote control to control the song slides from the front so if we need to skip ahead or go back I can do it. We also have our liturgy up on slides so those are controled by a tech in the sound room.
We use a PC, projector, screen and tv with media shout to project words for the congregation on the screen and words for our team on the TV.
We use a combination of things:

1. Letters. I have discovered that above all, letters are imperative.
2. Projector. We have one upstairs and we are getting one for downstairs.
3. PC / Mac. Either ProPresenter or PowerPoint.

I'd like to get into Media Shout, but haven't yet. Most of the people in my church are afraid of technology (I can't tell you the number of times the laptops have been tossed into the baptism to see if they float) so doing new things with new stuff and investing in new technology is a bit difficult.
We use Easy Worship as well. Great program and as the name suggests it is very easy to operate. I have pulled people form the congregation and gave them a 5 min lesson and they had enough info to run the program for me.
The last song I wrote has only two words...PRAISE JESUS!!! It goes like this..."PRAISE JESUS!! PRAAAAAIIIIISSSSEEEE!! PRAISE! PRRRAAAIIISSSEEE!! JESUS! JESUS! PRAISE JESUS!! Everyone knows the words after only performance. :)
not sure if I can remember how many, s's are in the 2nd praise...... may need to have the words. :)
We just upgraded to Mac, ans ProPresenter 4. We are set to launch it in a couple of weeks. We ran EasyWorship thru a beast of a Dell, but it's now going to be our DAVW (Digital Audio and Video Workstation). All this through two 3,300 lumen projectors (currently in 4:3, but will be going 16:9 in near future)
We use ProPresenter, a remarkable software that works with Mac (and I think they've come out with a PC version, or they had better soon before a competitor improves on the ProPresenter concept).

There are other media systems that might be as good; but basically what I look for is one that is designed for worship. PowerPoint does some really cool things, and sometimes comes with the computer when you buy it; but it is designed for office presentations, which go:

A B C D E F G END of PRESENTATION. It has the ability to retrace steps, but not to leap from verse to chorus, then to another song, then back again, etc. as is often done in a worship service.

You can actually fix a wrong word in the verse of a ProPresenter song while the chorus is being sung (!). I actually had this happen -- I had typed in a wrong word, and when I came back to the verse the operator had caught it and fixed it.

The coolest thing is -- it has a "library" of background slides that you can fade in and out AT WILL. You can choose your songs, and let the operator choose backgrounds (or you can freeze your own desired backgrounds in place). The choice level is really high on this thing.


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