Something I having been wondering about for some time now and prompted by a reply in another discussion.


I would consider myself to be charismatic, but you know, thinking about it, I am not entirely sure why? Or, if I am actually charismatic.


What defines 'a charismatic' or 'to be charismatic'? What is charismatic worship?..............


Thanking you. Lorraine

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In the US, one of the connotations is related to Pentecostal groups who operate under the assumption that all spiritual gifts are in operation today and should be sought. That is, there are apostles and prophets in operation today and miraculous healings should be going on now and people should be speaking in tongues. At least this would be the distinguishing characteristic within their statement of faith. This isn't an official description but I think it's pretty fair. 

A definition needs to be broader than just Pentecostals. The broadest definition I can think of is that a charismatic is someone who believes God works in the contemporary world through all the gifts mentioned in the New Testament. More specifically, there tends to be an emphasis on "sign gifts" (the kind of things that aren't easily confused with learned skills).

Charismatic worship would be worship in which God's gift to his church are used (pick your definition from one of the two above).


Yea, true that.

I think both are good definitions.

Are we talking here about 'Pentecostal' as being a denomination or a Church? A noun if you like, as opposed to an adjective?

It's used both ways. People can be Pentecostals as in a member of the denomination or as a title, but we tend to use it like an adjective too - "that's a pentecostal way of looking at it" or "that church tends to be on the pentecostal side of things." 

Hi Lorraine,

Well the Bible does not mention the word "charisma" or "charism" or "charismatic" -- at least not in the NKJV (just the version I normally use).  However, this what the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary has to say:


charisma (noun)

1: a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (as a political leader

2: a special magnetic charm or appeal <the charisma of a popular actor>


charism (noun)

1: an extraordinary power (as of healing) given a Christian by the Holy Spirit for the good of the church


So, unless your church has officially defined the term "charismatic," I guess we'd have to go with the dictionary on this one!


God Bless!



I never thought that Lorraine was referring to "Charisma" as you just defined it. But perhaps so!


It is a Greek word that is used specifically of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and is found often in the NT describing them. So truly, it's all over in your NKJV, you just have to use Strong's to look it up.


Today, it's a colloquial term that has taken on a meaning far beyond Miriam Webster and tends to refer to someone who believes that the sign gifts are still in operation.

I am happy for Carl to give definitions of 'Charisma', it all makes for good discussion.


Are you saying Stevo, that if you don't believe that the sign gifts are still in operation today, then you are not charismatic.









I would say that is true - if you don' think the sign gifts (prophecy, tongues, etc.) are happening, you are not "Charismatic", but since I know you so well, I know you're a very "charismatic" person.

Ha, there's no fooling you Stevo.  Thing is, I don't think I am a classic 'charismatic'. I was at a charismatic retreat last weekend, and for the most part felt like a duck out of water. Don't get me wrong, I was quite comfortable with it, but don't (as far as I am aware) show outward signs of enthusiasm.


Old misery guts : (



Thanks all,

I learned something new today.  But since charisma is a greek word, I wonder why it was changed in translations.  Maybe because that definition became archaic, so they wrote it out in more than one word?

Would it be possible for one of you to send me a few verses from the greek translations where the word "charisma" or "charism" was used so I can compare to newer translations?



God Bless!


Ohhh ---

Never mind!  I went to Wulf's link that he provided!  (Duh!)


OK ... I got it.



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