Something I having been wondering about for some time now and prompted by a reply in another discussion.


I would consider myself to be charismatic, but you know, thinking about it, I am not entirely sure why? Or, if I am actually charismatic.


What defines 'a charismatic' or 'to be charismatic'? What is charismatic worship?..............


Thanking you. Lorraine

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Greg, you are right about the term 'charismatic' having gained a sub-definition, like alot of other words that have a different meaning now. 

The questions are often asked of me 'How long have you been in chrismatic renewal'? or 'When did you come into charismatic renewal'? and I never feel quite comfortable with the terminology as it sounds like I am being put into a box of some sort and it is some kind of cult.   

Greg Moore said:

Splendid definition, Randy!  The word "charismatic" has unfortunately gained a sub-definition which describes a person as having an attractive and compelling spirit, and is often associated with leaders who get these Alpha-type abilities and their own egos mixed up (you see the term a lot in politics and business).  But no matter how much we want to slyly shift credit to ourselves, it is God who gives us life through his Spirit, and the character of His Spirit is evident in God's word.

Lorraine Doswell said:

Very inspiring reply Randy.  For me, if leading worship were to do with my personality then I wouldn't be doing it at all.  I totally rely on God and prayer, and another thing I always do is ask the Holy Spirit to come into the music.

I think what I am trying to say is that I am a quiet, not in your face person by nature, but when given the opportunity to worship freely will come alive by God's grace and the presence and inspiration of the Spirit.

Randy Arnold said:

for me...'Charismatic' in terms of 'worship', which is what we generally apply the term to...defines 'how' i worship Jesus.

to be led by the Holy Spirit, rather than a 'set list' or chord chart.

to seek the Presence of the Holy Spirit, rather than audience 'engagement'.

to enter into...to dwell in...to operate in...the Anointing of the Holy Spirit...according to the mantle of gifting on deposit in our lives.

to realize that we can do nothing in our own skills or talents, and that ANY power or effectiveness as worshippers or worship leaders is only through the Holy Spirit... not talent or skills or personality... not sound system or lighting... not music genre or style or set list.

so then...'Charismatic worship' means being Holy Spirit... sensitive... obedient... welcoming... understanding... flowing... dwelling... following... DESIRING!

And if that's bad, try using the term "Pentecostal", whose meaning should be self-evident and uncontroversial; yet in Tennessee it has come to mean "snake-handler."

Of course, to Northerners, the word "Tennessee" tends to mean "bearded mountaineers secreting jugs of moonshine to spidery sheds in the woods, as well as people that consistently win at basketball."


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