I am not talking about brands of pedals, because everyone has their own taste in brand. What I am talking about is the actual effect pedal. If you were to help a new worship leader get started from the technical side, what effect pedals should he or she have.

Once again, I know that the effects are a matter of taste, and I am not a new worship leader, but I always wonder what others are using and in what situations are they used.

I use three pedals, just because that is all I have. I use an equalization pedal, chorus pedal, and an overdrive pedal (rarely).

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Toni you have a point.  I am going to relax a bit on that myself.  I have discovered that I don't really like the feel of other peoples sounds and revert mostly back to the ones I like.  That would be a good topic in itself.  What do you use to achieve your signature sounds?

Sometimes you never know what you are going to find when you do a google search. Pretty excited to have stumbled upon this site. 

I am a worship leader with no training. Sort of thrust into the role out of necessity. 

We are discussing the use of guitar pedals and what I am in need of is an explanation of why we should use one? Why is it something to invest in? 

I know that there is a great sound with one but in spending the money, I need to be able to share with our Pastor/Board (mostly non-musicians as well) that it's not just a toy or "bells and whistles" but something that will take our guitar from good to the best. 

Non technical terms would be fantastic! Everyday language. 

Thanks for any help!!

If you're happy with your sound, leave it alone. If you want to change it, that's a different matter. But most of us buy our own gear including pedals. Is that why you would ask your board? For money? Or just permission? I can't see why they would mind if you started using a reverb pedal or added on a chorus pedal. But then, we had an elder one time who made us put black tape over every logo that went on stage - "Fender" "Marshall" or even "Martin" had to be covered by black tape.

That's just it, I would like to add a different sound. As for the money, yeah, I was talking with my pastor about the church purchasing one. The person who would use it is a student and so I figured if we bought it then when he goes on to college or whatever, we have it for the next person to use if they don't already have one. 
I would prefer if the musician had their own equipment as far as the "extras" go but, this not a regular circumstance. AND, not all of our board members understand that there is a need to spend money when it comes to the worship team in order to enhance our ministry. Make sense? 

Thanks for the input. It helps.

Yea, unfortunately, I've found that when you do that, it doesn't get treated well. But if you're striving for better sound, you might start by defining what you want first and then figure out how to get there. Maybe you can avoid buying pedals that could sprout legs and walk. Some effects are meant to dwell in or near your mixing board and your sound crew could control and own them.

I lead and play the electric guitar. My effect is not a high performance gear but works well in a smaller environment.

i use the BOSS ME25 where i set up four choices;

1.  Clean+Reverb+Delay
2.  Low Distortion+REverb+Delay (dirty rhythm)

3.  High Distortion+REverb+Delay (more dirtier rhythm)

4. Clean+tremolo+chorus+Reverb+Delay (long sustain serene sound)

 To all the above, i have the choice to apply the 1)wah wah and 2) volume pedal.

 Hard to operate but i'm getting use to it. It produce a nice air and sound in worship.


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