Hey all!

So I saw another thread that was similar to this asking what is a Worship experience and I thought that was awesome. http://www.worshiptherock.com/forum/topics/worship-experience-what-...

So I just joined WTR and thought this was an awesome place to share what I am researching. I am currently in grade 12 in Australia and for music extension (a subject i'm taking) I have to do an investigative report and I decided to do it on my passion for Worship! I wanted to find out and dig deeper into what it really is that people get in a 'Worship Experience'.

So here is my Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/QzP59o73JowDjAv12
Thanks to all who take part in it,

By the way for further research from the survey i am looking to interview some worship bands and would love to hear from you or if you know someone who is in a worship band if you'd be keen for an extended interview!

also i am not sure how many people will see this so give me tips on how to share this better on this page or help me out with sharing it yourself!

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