We've had a series of night services called Compline. Guest speakers from the congregation, they choose 1 song. It's quiet, contemplative and beautiful.

Holy week is full:
Holy Monday: Evensong
Holy Tuesday: the movie "the Passion of the Christ"
Holy Wednesday: Stations of the Cross
Maundy Thursday: Evening Service for Maundy Thursday
Good Friday: the stripping of the church ornamentations, solemn prayers and contemplation of the cross and Jesus' sufferings
Holy Saturday: the Great Vigil
Easter Day: Worship & Eucharist

The only church in town keeping all of Holy Week!

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We are corporately doing a 'Daniel Fast' from April 1-10. I actually have a bit of a problem with with our church/churches, this time of year.. I still do not know why we blindly follow the 'idolic' custom of celebrating 'Ishtar Sunday' the godess of fertility, ...with eggs and fertile little bunny rabbits...and not putting the focus on the Resurection of our Lord.
I agree about the whole egg thing. I spoke with one pastor who said they weren't doing anything but would have alot of fun on the Sunday. I couldn't help but point out that really, Jesus didn't have much fun that week at all!

I like our own custom of observing Lent, not out of habit, but it is our time of more inward reflection on our own collective response to God on earth. The whole crucifixion doesn't even make sense if we ignore our propensity to sin.

By acknowledging our nature, and what Christ did for us, we have more reason to celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection!

Christ has died.
Christ is risen.
Christ will come again.
My church is just doing an Easter service which is going to be evangelistic. The Sunday before that is ALSO evangelistic. Wonder how that is gonna go. :) I lead worship for a lunchtime fellowship, so I am choosing songs related to the Cross these few weeks. Kinda warming up the people for Good Friday and Easter. :)
We start with a Palm Passion Service this Sunday. We start with joyful hosannas and move into a reading of the Passion Narrative from Matthew with artwork depicting the different scenes on our screens and music interspersed. The people leave in silence. That night we have a Service of Healing and Wholeness.

Maundy Thursday we will have an explanation and tasting of the elements of the Seder Meal. Later that evening our Chancel Choir will present The Requiem by John Rutter and we will have the Lord's Supper.

On Good Friday, we have a service from 12:00-1:00 with meditations on the seven last words of Christ from the cross. Then from 1:30-3:00 we have a looping multimedia guided meditation on the Stations of the Cross...with Taize, jazz, and contemporary music.

Then!! 6 services on Easter Sunday! (and then I think maybe....vacation) :)
That all sounds wonderful! Well done!
Palm Sunday: Lots of potted palms ;-). Also communion, and the choir is doing a couple of pieces from the begining of an Easter cantata. Final sermon in the Lent series "The meanings of the Cross."

Good Friday: Joining with a neighboring congregation for Good Friday service.

Saturday: Community outreach--egg hunt w/continental breakfast and invitations for everyone to come back the next day. Also, decorating the sanctuary with lots of flowers (we don't do Easter Lillies anymore tho...a sizeable portion of the choir and worship team have allergy issues with them...)

Easter: Choir doing several pieces from the last part of the same cantata. Celebration of the resurrection in song and sermon. Brunch for all who wish to come.


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