As we start 2017. what are some of the worship songs (with artist) that you are planning to introduce as new songs to your church in the coming months? There is so much new music coming out all of the time, so sharing what you are planning can help others to even become aware of songs/artists that they maybe weren't aware of yet.

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Doing some planning on this.. right now the new songs to introduce in the first three months include Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson, Revival by Robin Mark, and This Is Amazing Grace (which I realize is not a "new" song but it'll be new to us).  Those are upbeat things, slower songs will be Come Alive (Dry Bones) by Lauren Daigle, Who I Am by Casting Crowns, and Faithful by Sarah Reeves (which I think we did as special music once last year but haven't done with the congregation yet).  I think Revival is going to be a particularly good fit for our band; we've tried The Maker a few times as a special and somehow it never sticks around long enough to become a regular...

Each Sunday we have a short song we do during communion, we have a rotation of four songs we do, and this year I decided to bring back some of the old Vineyard classics - Come And Fill Me Up, Here Am I, and I Will Call, plus the ever-popular I Love You Lord for those songs.  The congregation doesn't sing these, this is just what the band does while communion is served. We're also bringing back "In The Secret" as one of our upbeat songs.

The whole repertoire contains about a dozen upbeat songs - two of which are ones we've been doing that we're phasing out and three new songs to phase in - about a dozen slower songs, same mix - our four communion songs (plus Amazing Grace, potentially the House of the Rising Sun version, for fifth Sundays, an "outro" song that stays the same for two or three months at a time, and a few seasonal things, like This Is Our God, Chris Tomlin, that comes back every advent.

All subject to change, of course... most of these new songs we haven't actually worked out with the band yet, and sometimes doing it as a band, we decide that a particular song isn't working.

I'm not part of the planning team where I serve, so I have no idea what's new this year, but yesterday was the first time for Elevation's "Jesus I Come." I'm guessing what drove the decision was the theme, "I know I'm all jacked up but here I am anyway and I know you'll accept me." The song is a tough one vocally; Mack Brock, imo, is one of the best worship singers around.


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