I know that most of us here on WTR have musical hobbies...but what else do we do with our recreation time? What are your hobbies OTHER than music (or collecting guitars, or whatever...) Any coin/stamp collectors? Street lugers? Spelunkers? Gourmet chef wannabes?

My hobbies are ham radio where I enjoy talking to folks around the world (best distance: McMurdo, Antarctica) and helping with emergency preparedness for our community. I also enjoy Geocaching where I use a GPS to go find containers hidden by other geocachers using coordinates posted on the internet. Sometimes this involves a fair bit of hiking.

Looking forward to seeing what other hobbies folks here have...

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Digital photography...especially closeups of colorful flowers! Just ask my kids, who are always waiting for me to catch up at Disney World because there are too many flowers to take pictures of...
Me? I am a martial arts nut. :)

I go for Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, that's my idea of a fun time. I especially enjoy the sword training. I feel that you need a sense of what swordsmanship is like before you can understand why the Bible calls itself the Sword of the Spirit.

I also enjoy reading up on criminal psychology and related topics. My favorite writer is Marc MacYoung. He's got loads of wisdom put up on his website, I read the stuff from there anytime I am free.

And he's got this brilliant blog on the Male Mind, how men think. It's on how men think. I've been referring friends to it, since they will either be male or have to deal with males. Great stuff! :)
At one point I toyed with the idea of taking up kendo...then I realized that I was allergic to pain...[grin]. Looks like a great way to stay in shape...
I have a very Biblical attitude towards pain... more blessed to give than to receive! :)
Woukld love to hold a sword but considering how accident pron I can be MAYBE it's not such a good idea! LOL!


Just remember the eternal words of wisdom regarding swords - the pointy end goes into the other guy... :)
Best mantra ever! I wish I had that little nugget back when I used to do Muay Thai. When ever people at my church found out about it they acted like I was a serial killer in the making!
I have a very strange experience related to Muay Thai. I was once at a childcare centre (for kids 2-6 years old) that faced a Muay Thai gym. So all through the day the kids at that centre could see people punching and kicking away. The weirdest thing is this: at other childcare centres you would often see the boys trying to act like kung-fu heroes especially during their play time. But this was totally absent at THIS centre.

It was as if exposure to the REAL thing made the kids realize how silly they looked pretending. I found this strange, because I was expecting that there would be MORE of such play in such an environment, not less... :)
I have a large garden and a green house, and I raise alot of vegetables for our family. I think what I love besides the great fresh vegetables is the tranquility and the stress-relief it brings. There's just something about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands in the soil, watching things grow. It's also a great place to spend time with the Lord while I work.
I like to build things too. Simple things ...I'm not really a carpenter, I just like to put things together. I built a deck last summer and a huge doghouse for my dogs. I also like to paint and decorate the different rooms inside the house....I just re-did both of my daughter's bedrooms.
Building things? So un-Singaporean. Over here, we call over the contractors ASAP and hand everything over to the professionals as quickly as possible. We don't have a DIY culture, and our men don't putter around the house that much. That's why a shopkeeper at a DIY shop I once visited was commenting that most of her customers are non-SIngaporeans. :)
Hmm, I think I should move to Singapore. I just got finished remodeling our entire house - hardwood floors, tiled entry, plaster and paint...the hardest part was painting the entire outside of the two-story structure!

Although it's tiring work, I do find it stress-relieving...something 'mindless' to do without having to worry about the outside world.

What is it about these creative minds of ours that demands that we keep busy?
Really? no DIY? That's crazy...I'll fix anything I can figure out....and even some things I cant figure out....and if I get in over my head I call my brother-in-law, he can fix anything. I think it's kinda fun to figure stuff out. Strange but true.


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