I know that most of us here on WTR have musical hobbies...but what else do we do with our recreation time? What are your hobbies OTHER than music (or collecting guitars, or whatever...) Any coin/stamp collectors? Street lugers? Spelunkers? Gourmet chef wannabes?

My hobbies are ham radio where I enjoy talking to folks around the world (best distance: McMurdo, Antarctica) and helping with emergency preparedness for our community. I also enjoy Geocaching where I use a GPS to go find containers hidden by other geocachers using coordinates posted on the internet. Sometimes this involves a fair bit of hiking.

Looking forward to seeing what other hobbies folks here have...

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Wow...I wanna come visit you! That looks like a blast!
Nice Nick. You should post some of the things you have crocheted or knitted lately. = ) Also I love fly fishing myself. Do you have a favorite place to go?
Yeah, me too, I have my keyboard sustain pedal in a sock right now to protect it....
I used to knit and crochet alot too but not so much anymore. I really enjoyed it though.
Very very cool Dan! Mine are baking bread, reading, hip/hop dancing, crocheting, and traveling. = )

Hobbies? Who has time for hobbies?!

Actually, when I can I take my TV camera out with my dolly and tracks and shoot beautiful High Definition videos of rainforests and waterfalls, edit the footage and post it on Vimeo http://vimeo.com/user431114
Wowzers, there is some cool stuff. I wish my hobbies looked that good.
>:O woooowwwww........
When I get the time (hah!) I like doing cross-stitch, calligraphy, reading, and I recently treated myself to a proper scrapbook and hope someday to start scrapbooking......as I said, when I get the time!
Hi Dan Brian Huber here\
My hobbies Include Hiking around Gettesburge Pennsylvaina that's a national military park near where I live
I hike around to learn more about the american civil war. which another hobbie of mine. I dabble a bit in wood working
and repairing cars. My family is glad I have that hobbie I get some interesting calls atimes. Like Brian I put a new battery
in my car I turn key a nothing happens. Rply did you connect and tighten the battery cabels. Answer I knew I forgot something. That's non musical hobbies Brian Huber
Ok... I'm going to reveal how much of a geek I am. One of my other big hobbies is Costuming. As in creating and donning screen acurate costumes from the Star Wars movies. I am part of a fan and charitable organization called the 501st Legion. We go to Childrens hospitals and visit the sick kids, have fundraisers for Make A Wish foundation and do some side work for Lucas Films from time to time. You can check us out at www.501st.com

Beyond that I also enjoy cooking. I admit that I'm a bit of a foodie.
Sam... costuming? Super COOL! I never knew that about you. Childrens hospitals I would have guessed right off, knowing the type of guy you are, but costuming... so fun.
It took me 6 months to see your reply. Yeah I'm a Star Wars Superfreak. My oldest Daughters name is Leia.... But I've been involved with the 501st for 6 years and head up the local detachment here in SD. I was just in Stormtrooper Armor over the weekend for a charity event.


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