I know that most of us here on WTR have musical hobbies...but what else do we do with our recreation time? What are your hobbies OTHER than music (or collecting guitars, or whatever...) Any coin/stamp collectors? Street lugers? Spelunkers? Gourmet chef wannabes?

My hobbies are ham radio where I enjoy talking to folks around the world (best distance: McMurdo, Antarctica) and helping with emergency preparedness for our community. I also enjoy Geocaching where I use a GPS to go find containers hidden by other geocachers using coordinates posted on the internet. Sometimes this involves a fair bit of hiking.

Looking forward to seeing what other hobbies folks here have...

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That is really cool and it take a lot of talent to go from start to finish (Used to sew my own clothes, years age) so I know some of what you do. Creating! WOW now that is talent.
I was a scuba diver until we had children.

Until recently I practiced hapkido a couple times a week. I stopped because of too many nagging injuries and the cost per test got too high. I made it to 2nd degree black belt.

I like to cook, but I hate to do dishes.

Computer games, reading during my commute on the train, yard work...
Wow, you all are such interesting people! A great variety of activities.
I live in the Appalachian Mountains and have a small farm. We have 2 horses,
3 goats, dogs, cat and a beehive. Keeping everybody fed and cleaned up after
is a combination of hobbie/fun/work. Of course, got to play music every day
Cool...I kept 4 hives of bees for a couple of years in high-school while the owner was out of state. That was a ton of fun...don't have room for it, or I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
Archery? Wow! I guess you'll really understand what David means when he says "You arm me with strength for battle, my arms can bend a bow of bronze!" (Somewhere in Psalm 18, I think...) :)
that depends if he wants you to have to do 50-100 push-ups first... :)

Well I do a bit of Biking (Motorcycling) and I have been involved in taking the gospel to the Biker community.
I tinker with photography, I was very keen once but definitely not digital, I still use real film and 120 not silly little 35mm.
I also like playing with computers even though I do it for a living.

David Bull.
I love to dig in the dirt, flowers, garden, etc. My husband and I backpack. We live in the Northwest, and there are some amazing gifts from the creator you can only see by backpacking in. So peaceful, so quite, amazing! Most of my time is with our 2 daughters. They hike with us, our 8 year old has hiked 12 miles in one day! She can't wait to break her record, and mine!
Camping and canoeing. My son got me doing this. Sometimes we do both, canoe for a number of days camping each night along the river on sandbars. Nature is amazing when you get off the beaten path of state park campgrounds. He's 18 now and about to head off to college so our little expeditions are about to slow down.
I have a few things I am passionate about beside music. Grandbabies (nine) and at 53 I feel way to young too have so many grandkids, but with four grown kids our legacy is growing. I have mad skills with a Weber BBQ, love to come home on a sunday afternoon and cook everything in the fridge ( it always seems like the coals are perfect when you are done with the "planned" meal). I make Salsa almost weekly (that is how I bribe the soundman to do his best and pay attention). And lastly my wife and I love to cruise the 'vette. 1980 L-82 we put in a few shows and it is fun just to cruise around in (two seats so none of the above mentioned grandkidscan latch on). I guess I love parenthesis too as I look back over this reply and see so many. blessings

I love any kind of fishing but BASS fishing is my # 1
Yeah my hubby too. We have a couple HUGE stuffed ones hanging in the garage - is that the proper term, "stuffed"? And gazillions of fishing poles around the house. And until I married, I never knew there was such a fuss in the newspaper every week over who caught what!


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