Although there are a number of full- and part-time worship leaders on this site, I'd hazard a guess that the greater majority of us are volunteers. And that means we have another job (or jobs) to keep our families fed and clothed.

Just for interest's sake, let's describe what we do outside of our church involvement. I think it will be fun to see all the different walks of life represented here, as well as encouraging to discover others who do what you do.

Feel free to post a link to your website, myspace page or whatever if it relates to your career. No big sales pitches here, just information to show who God uses in His wisdom and grace.
I'll start:

I'm a former mechanic, but sold my shop 10 years ago. Since then I've been a freelance writer, specializing in humor columns to automotive magazines. My first book just came out in Novemeber of 2009 ( I also do some property management, land development consulting, and construction management ( .

Who's next?

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Here in Canada our postal system seems to run worse than it did 30 years ago...but maybe that's just my perception! Glad to hear you're keeping things moving on your end.

Yes, I think it's great to hear what people do on a daily basis. It shows the human side of us.
Ministry it is !!! Go for it Dude! Let Christ Shine in, and through you to a dark world.
"Before I was pile driver, made decent money and lived like a bum. I just don't do well without Jesus."

The carnally minded just cannot understand what you mean by this. I'm gonna flatter myself and say that I do! :)
None of us ever do well without Jesus, Bruce, no matter how much some might try to say otherwise. Keep that Northern Light shining, brother. May 2010 be the best year ever.

High school math teacher. Started teaching in Lutheran middle schools then switched to public school a few years ago.
I'm am mantanince and repair tech in the shipping industry but my blanket lable is Longshoreman
I am a full time city firefighter in southern ohio, i also work part time dispatching mobile intensive care units and med helicopters for a private ambulance service.
I thank God for those Christians involved in emergency services. After my mother collapsed suddenly in a nursing home and had to be transported to Emergency by ambulance (where she died upon arrival), I was approached by one of the ambulance attendents with words of comfort. He was a part-time medic, and a local pastor of a small church. It was comforting to hear how he prayed with my mom during her ride to hospital when things were going downhill fast.

Keep shining, brother.
Amen! It is nice to have a beliver beliving in an emergency!
I'm a consultant in the professional services division of a large database company, specializing in mobile devices like Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhones, etc. We usually end up helping large enterprise companies mobilize their desktop applications or manage their fleet of mobile devices. For a while, I was also helping with one of our RFID products. So you can say that I get to play with a lot of "techno-toys" on a regular basis. Always getting to know some new technology, or tackling some new challenge. For the most part it's pretty fun. =)

I have an engineering degree, but I've been coding as far back as I can remember.
Guys, this is awesome. The diversity in our backgrounds really shows how God has called us out from wherever we are, from whatever we are doing, to serve him and the church. Our influence is far-reaching, especially if the worship we do on Sundays is leaking out of our lives from Monday morning to Saturday night. My hat is off to all of you.

Let's hear more!
My family is very blessed to receive a small stipend for the work I do for our church. It covers our travel costs to and from church events. (We live nearly an hour away). Aside from overseeing worship for our 2 year old church, I am first a wife and home-school mom, teaching some music lessons to supplement our income. But my husband's job, graciously provided by the Lord, is mostly what puts the bread on the table.


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