Although there are a number of full- and part-time worship leaders on this site, I'd hazard a guess that the greater majority of us are volunteers. And that means we have another job (or jobs) to keep our families fed and clothed.

Just for interest's sake, let's describe what we do outside of our church involvement. I think it will be fun to see all the different walks of life represented here, as well as encouraging to discover others who do what you do.

Feel free to post a link to your website, myspace page or whatever if it relates to your career. No big sales pitches here, just information to show who God uses in His wisdom and grace.
I'll start:

I'm a former mechanic, but sold my shop 10 years ago. Since then I've been a freelance writer, specializing in humor columns to automotive magazines. My first book just came out in Novemeber of 2009 ( I also do some property management, land development consulting, and construction management ( .

Who's next?

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I've been on more than a few late night hospital wards visiting ill family or friends, and I can tell you that folks like you, Sheelagh, are a real blessing to meet in those times of need. Thanks for letting God use you in that setting.
Wow, how do you handle it all? That's a lot of hours per week, David! All the best on your move to Ireland and (hopefully) a slower pace of life. It's a beautiful part of the world, though a little damp at times.
Another health care worker here. I am a pharmacist, however I have never worked in a drug
store. My entire career has been as a hospital pharmacist, which is quite different than filling
prescriptions as in retail. I feel blessed and fortunate and also consider my job a ministry
as several others have mentioned. Several others on our team work in a health care field,
but our worship leader is a long-time Coca Cola employee!
I'm an Infrastructure Analyst at a college in Oakville Ontario. I work on a team that manages and maintains all aspects of the network for the college(s). Basically, this means that I make sure that the students can access the Internet both wired and wireless. Its a very busy but fulfilling job that I am very blessed to have.
I'm a middle school reading teacher. If I lived on money just from my bands or worship leading I would be making under 1000 a year!
And you'd probably be on the high end...there's a reason for the phrase "...a starving musician." :)
I think the paycheck for being there for your kids is seeing them grow up loved, secure, and equipped to meet life's challenges because of the time and love you've poured into them over the early years. My wife also quit work when our kids came along, and we thank God now for the decision to live off one (sometimes meagre) paycheck.
My day job is as a Network Admin for a small Independent Physicians Association...( office is the anteroom to the server room) supporting about 55 users.

The Worship Team is all-volunteer, except for our keybordist, who is also the Choir Director.
I am half volunteer and half professional. I give my time to my church and I work for another. I am by no means a full time employee. Most of my income is from teaching a music program called Music Together in the inner city pre school classrooms and some parent child classes. It's a world wide program if anyone is interested you can find them on the web easily.
Up until I had a ruptured brain aneurysm 2+ yrs ago I taught karate to little children mostly but those days are done but I do miss it terribly.
Bizzy, a friend of mine teaches something called "Music for Young Children" - is that similar to what you do?
I am an Account Manager, selling point-of-sale hardware, software and backoffice systems to independent retailers. I am also part-time as the worship leader at our church.
IBEW electrician. Shocking, I know, but it's an outlet!


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