Although there are a number of full- and part-time worship leaders on this site, I'd hazard a guess that the greater majority of us are volunteers. And that means we have another job (or jobs) to keep our families fed and clothed.

Just for interest's sake, let's describe what we do outside of our church involvement. I think it will be fun to see all the different walks of life represented here, as well as encouraging to discover others who do what you do.

Feel free to post a link to your website, myspace page or whatever if it relates to your career. No big sales pitches here, just information to show who God uses in His wisdom and grace.
I'll start:

I'm a former mechanic, but sold my shop 10 years ago. Since then I've been a freelance writer, specializing in humor columns to automotive magazines. My first book just came out in Novemeber of 2009 ( I also do some property management, land development consulting, and construction management ( .

Who's next?

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Oh cool - It happens to be a Caterpillar Lexion Combine that I operate on our farm :-)
I'm a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of two boy married to a farmer.... so for part of the year, I become a farmer (I operate a combine during harvest). And I have a few music students... I'm just thankful that we have a rotation of teams!!
I help manage the family transportation business and auto-garage. Super-long hours, but it allows my wife to stay with our two little girls.
I'm a sales officer in a bank, managing individual accounts to corporate accounts. I love my job, it gives me a lot of flexibility because in sales we are allowed to go out on client calls and sometimes, i have spare time to focus on the ministry.
I'm a critical care nurse. I specialize in cardiac patients (or as my son says "the ones with bum tickers mommy?"). I also recently joined the staff of my church as their worship arts dirctor. Plus I'm a full time mom :-)
Hey, I have new appreciation for coronary care staff! Spent 3 days in ICU last month for heart issues, and those nurses were amazing. Thanks for doing what you do.
I feel blessed to be able to do it. Tired, but blessed. Thanks!
Hope and pray you are better!
This discussion is good and kind of scary. After five volunteer years (I taught piano, deciding that money-for-ministry was not a proper motivation as a new convert), I became a full-timer. Now I am suddenly pounding the pavement, while simultaneously pursuing leads for a "normal" staff position, but really wanting to pursue a dream of a Christian creative center for the whole community, something that takes time to build; but my creditors still need to eat and make their yacht payments. I've preached for years that common labor is as much worship ministry as making piano keys sing. Now it's time to hear your stories and glean some encouragement, and maye some wisdom.
The encouragement is that God does meet your needs, just not always the way you expected Him to. I've been self-employed for years (some call it randomly employed), and it seems I'm always doing multiple things at once. Since my heart attack last month I'm trying to find just one or two things that will keep the wolves away and lower my stress level at the same time.

A church position, even half time, would be nice, but those positions are limited in my area. Hope something comes along soon for you, Greg.
Here I am with the woe-is-me, but not with the physical challenge you face. I hope and pray full healing comes your way, and the wolf stay far away.
Full time Soldier -- almost 18 years in the US Army. I currently work in nursing administration at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, in Landstuhl, Germany - the only American Level II trauma center outside of the US. I lead worship at the chapel for the Contemporary Non-Denominational service on Ramstein Air Base, which is close by.
Gary, my brother-in-law used to be stationed at Baden-Baden (Canadian military) and I know that the base chapel services were a life-line to him and my sister during those years. Thanks for being there for your fellow soldiers.


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