Many of the people who frequent this board are volunteers or paid but have careers and jobs outside of leading worship.  So I thought it would be fun to learn more about each other.  So what is your “day job”?

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Amen indeed!

Well the other and related reason for paperwork is to REMEMBER what we said or did. But since we will be perfect and have perfect memories in the future kingdom, we will need NO PAPERWORK.

Don't   forget    the paperworrrrrrrrk...

Yeah but these days I gotta do paperwork, to remind me to do the paperwork for what is said and done.

How sure are you Stevo that we will have perfect memories in the future kingdom? Oh, I forgot to mention, as a side line I like to open cans of worms : ) : )

Who me? What?

Chef Boy-ar-Dee?

I can't imagine the amount of patience that goes into dealing with small children.  But what a great age the 2-5 range is!  I never thought I would miss the runny noses and sloppy kisses but I do.

Wow!  I don't know how that ended up so far down the page but my response was related to Lorraine's original post.

I do IT out of the house.  

So what you do?

Hey Mr Jokester.... you haven't told us what you do.  What's your day job?  Hmmmmm....I'm beginning to think you might have mentioned it on another thread quite a while back.  Please don't make me go digging :-P

I'm a music teacher. I get involved with writing and marketing projects here and there, but it's teaching music that keeps my kids from getting skinny... :)


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