Many of the people who frequent this board are volunteers or paid but have careers and jobs outside of leading worship.  So I thought it would be fun to learn more about each other.  So what is your “day job”?

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OK, I’ll start it off… I’m a registered nurse and my area of specialty is Cardiac Intensive Care.  Been working in Intensive Care for 13 years.  Prior to that I did Cath Lab and Electrophysiology. you love to care for people :-) Awesome!!

Guess you could say that, although it kind of makes you a little twisted.  Some stuff you just can't make up, and frankly..... there's a lot of that stuff.

That made me chuckle.

In my job we used to rearrange songs. After dealing with an IVF clinic we had "you picked a fine time to leave me luteal".

That's because they left their progesterone at home.

Jorn, you started a popular thread!

My technical title is the very "over-used" Consultant. I studied as an Engineer in University, but ended up with job developing applications for Mobile Devices (like cellphones, PDAs, etc). I usually get to play the latest tablets, cellphones and mini-devices.

Ahhhh so if there's questions which new gadget to get we can ask you?


=) At some points in my day, I could almost put it, "I can tell you what not to buy... " *haha*

Educational Products Design & Production --

Designing courses, training products, evalutaions, assessments, and data analysis for the U.S. Army.


Go figure, Huh?!?!


God Bless!

Sounds like a lot of work.



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