Many of the people who frequent this board are volunteers or paid but have careers and jobs outside of leading worship.  So I thought it would be fun to learn more about each other.  So what is your “day job”?

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I am a web and mobile developer for an educational software company called Quipper. We have a platform and iPhone app that allows anyone to play or create their own quizzes for free. I am currently redesigning the company websites and making new systems for the company to expand into the US educational market. I love my job!

That is so awesome that you love your job!!!!!

It's a blessing from the LORD, definitely. He has given me a lot of favour in this job, and before I had the audacity to consider it was because I had been so good and obedient, he reminded me that it was his grace and for the sake of not just me but my wife and future child and many others too! ;)

My day job is now "hunting."  Midway during my two-year stint as accompanist for a high school choir (something that should be right up my alley), a mild hearing loss led to miscommunications, a disaster at a concert, the teacher pressing in until even a normal rehearsal became unbearable, every note under scrutiny (outside the class, my accompanying skills and mental attitude were normal).  Resigning brought a huge peace to my heart and a happy restoration with the director and the mystified students. 

At 64, I have been wondering if the fast-paced, noisy environment of high school was just too demanding - that working with soloists in the quiet, professional atmosphere of the college might not be better.  Yesterday I went to see the incoming department head, a good friend.  He wasn't in, but as I left I walked down the hall alongside a lady, and conversed, and she turned out to be the choral director for the whole place, and said they had lots of need for accompanists!  The Lord encourages.

Now if we could only talk to the dentists while they are working on us:)

Pastor, and every other hat you can possibly think of for a church, I do it all, small church, few volunteers = Pastor will do it.

I was a Journeyman Maint mechanic before I was full time ministry so I learned to do all the things I need to do now.

I also did retail sales for awhile and was an assistant parts maniger at a car dealership, before that a US Marine!!!!

So for you this is your day job and evening job and night job and weekend job and......

Yes, yes, yes and more yes's

The Skilsaw my father-in-law gave me for Christmas was the best present I could have received, as a music pastor.  It was just plain work making scenery for church musicals with a handsaw; that and the power drill he gave me the year before turned music ministry into a dream.  Very rarely does a music pastor just do music (if he did, he'd probably become insufferable).  That's the glory of the "job" -- you get to visit people when they're sick, go to the rest home, count the offering, move drum sets for the youth, preach and teach sometimes, do microsurgery on hanging mic's (why are the four tiny wires all the same color?).

ER doctor

Very cool!  What level hospital?

Been a CCU nurse for the last 13 yrs.   Just moved into clinical research 2 months ago.  I have a lot of respect for the folks in the ER.  I think ER is one of the hardest places because you really have to have a well-rounded knowledge base.

After graduating from college with a degree in music composition, I realized I needed a naturally I went into the banking industry (it was the only job I could wife worked there).  Not too much later, (after a persistently dismal record in sales) I was transitioned into a software testing team for the bank, and stayed their for 6 years, developing my technical skills.  I've since moved to another state and added In-the-trenches-tech-support to my resume, and I am about to start a Unix Administrator job.  As much as I love music, I've found I would much rather not rely on it for income...besides, I really enjoy programming, testing, and web design.


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