Back in the 90's before worship dominated CCM the best way to get new songs was by word of mouth. I would often hear new music at various worship events. At the conclusion of these event I would ask the worship leader for a copy of the music. I had a binder filled with music that I got this way. Despite the wide publication of worship music these days there are plenty of awesome songs that still manage slip under the radar.

So what's your favorite worship song that no one knows about?

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Crazy!!  We played that one and Days of Elijah so much that it had to go into semi-retirement.  Also did 'How Deep....' quite a bit too for awhile until that worship leader stepped down.  All 3 of them are quite loved.


My contribution will be 'Sacred' (or anything else) from Ryan Delmore.  I can't even find the song anywhere on the internet to post a link!  Here's a link to some others he does.  It's all quite different from the usual worship we hear.

I have Shepherd (shine your light on me), Real Love and Set me on Fire on my iPhone

Set Me on Fire is one of my wife's favourites


Did 'Set Me On Fire' a couple weeks ago!! 

I used to use that back in the day.

It is fascinating to see what people are naming. Most of them are songs that I know really well and I'd expect to see them on CCLI charts (checking the current UK one, "How Deep..." is #4), if not now then certainly from the past few years.

A couple of songs that I love but think are more obscure are "I Dream of Tongues of Fire" (Matt Redman, mid-90's) and "Sing of the Lord's Goodness" (Ernest Sands; one of the few worship songs in 5/4).


Yeah, I tried to avoid ones people would know well.  I do remember playing "Sing of the Lord's goodness" about 20 years ago....  it's quite close to "Take 5" in feel.

I think we play, or have played at some point, all of the songs in that top 25.  Some not so often now.

Outrageous Grace is a good one.

Yep, done that one, not for a while though.

The Methodist Hymnal has a song called "He Rose" and when I looked at the music, I realized that it's basically a hymnified version of "Iko Iko."  I tried several times to get this working with our band, but unfortunately, our band never seemed like they were able to get that Mardi Gras rhythm happening.  Even though it was a little bit off-date for Palm Sunday, I always thought it would be a really good song to do during the Palm Sunday parade while the kids came in waving palm branches 'n' such.


 I realized that it's basically a hymnified version of "Iko Iko." 


The Grateful Dead version????  I could go for that!!

Yeah, and then we segue into "Man Smart Jesus Smarter" :-)


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