Back in the 90's before worship dominated CCM the best way to get new songs was by word of mouth. I would often hear new music at various worship events. At the conclusion of these event I would ask the worship leader for a copy of the music. I had a binder filled with music that I got this way. Despite the wide publication of worship music these days there are plenty of awesome songs that still manage slip under the radar.

So what's your favorite worship song that no one knows about?

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Count me in!

No SPAM here - just3 great albums worth of honest answers (and 2 of the albums are FREE and include chord charts)     Go to this page and select any of the 4 FREE songs with MP3 & Chord sheets.  I particularly like "Would You Move?" and "You Listen Out" (from Amos 5).  A whole new angle on corporate worship; a call for the Church to rise up and live out mercy and justice.

"Liquid Worship" by Chris Nesbitt!  I totally love this FREE album and accompanying chord sheets as well:  Especially check out "The Sustainer" as a call to worship, "Living Water", "Saturate Me" (paired with "Let It Rain") and "Thousand Praises"

Finally, our folks like "Abundance of Rain" (from Elijah) and "Close Enough to Breathe" by Will Rayburn. I don't have an active link for chord charts, but he gave me copies of all of them.  Here's the iTunes link for the album:

Wow I like the Andy Flannagan guy!  Good stuff!

+ 1 for the Andy Flannagan songs mentioned above, excellent songs on themes largely ignored in most worship songs

Also love this by Abundant Life Ministries UK

And this (though y'all may well know this) by Stuart Townend and Aaron Keyes, for two reasons - (1) it's a brilliant setting of Psalm 62 and (2) the verse is in 5/8 :)

both songs are great!  Although I have to say...  What's going on with Aaron Keyes hair?

good question... :)


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